Secrets of the Secret Service-Cover Up and Coercion


For the last two days, I have listed the many acts of inappropriate behavior of the members of the Secret Service.  They included both sexual indiscretions, and a wide variety of outrageous conduct.  As indicated, the corruption was made worse by the efforts of the leadership in the Secret Service to lie about the history of the inappropriate behavior of its members.  Now, with the production of additional documents by the OIG, it is clear that the Secret Service engaged in a concertedeffort to cover up the wrong-doings, and to coerce me to given  up on my quest to uncover the truth.


Having spent substantial time reviewing the thousands of pages produced as a result of my FOIA requests, it is clear that the Secret Service  (1) only reports claims reported by outside police departments or complaints that are made by people outside the USSS, (2) the secret service only investigates by asking the accused if they are guilty, and (3) if there is an indication of culpability the response is to facilitate retirement, with benefits, rather than pursuit of criminal sanctions or at least firing the agent.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Agents are given the option of taking a polygraph, giving a written statement, or refusing an interview
  • In the Colombia incident, 34 agents refused an interview, and another 37 refused to give a written statement
  • When questioned agents expressed fear of retaliation if they cooperated
  • Agents involved in misconduct are often promoted because management can then exert control over them
  • 22 agents reported knowledge of agents involved with prostitutes, only one reported
  • When surveys are taken that are supposed to be anonymous, the USSS identifies the agents who report misconduct
  • Before Colombia agents were told no need to report one night stands
  • Agents in Colombia were required to sign non-disclosure agreements-expressly prohibiting disclosure of information to DHS


  • Disparate treatment of agents for same indiscretions
  • Re-location of agents at substantial personal cost as punishments
  • What’s done on the road, stays on the road
  • Agent told to “change the facts” re incident in Colombia
  • Agent who blew whistle forced to resign
  • Agents are often not disciplined for misconduct
  • Deal made with OIG and USSS that USSS would conduct its own investigations
  • “Word-smithing” of polygraph questions to elicit the desired answers
  • “Silent answer test” used in polygraph to elicit the desired answers
  • “Fudge” ratings for survey questions
  • Person taking polygraph had himself used prostitutes
  • USSS inspections “walled off” critical information
  • Not uncommon for USSS to retaliate against employees
  • “White washed” allegations of USSS employee misconduct
  • Agents all warned not to discuss (Colombia prostitution scandal) with anyone,including  DHS , except USSS Inspection.


Secret Service Coercive Behavior


  • AT Smith lied regarding FOIA request, asserting that there was an “ongoing enforcement proceeding” when none existed.
  • AT Smith refused to produce any documents after one year, that were responsive to FOIA requests, and then coerced settlement with promise to produce only one document that should have been produced a year before.

at smith secret service

  • AT Smith redacted information from statement of D. Chaney without even assertion of exemption or justification.
  • Attorney from Justice Department asserted a claim for reimbursement of government’s attorney fees against me.  Both DHS and the Justice department later confirmed that they were unaware of any statute or case that justified the assertion of attorney fees against a plaintiff in a FOIA suit.

department justice

  • Agents are “TERRIFIED” to come forward due to excessive unchecked power supervisors wield.
  • It is not uncommon for supervisors too “blackball” agents or employees who are not in their favor, wrath follows even if transfer.
  • Local supervisors force un-favored agents to move at great personal financial cost.
  • Reports of retaliation and reprisal for reporting malfeasance.
  • Before Chaney gave his statement to investigators regarding the allegations of Shailey Tripp, Chaney’s supervisor told him he hoped the  story “didn’t have legs.”


secret service cartoon exposed











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  1. Malia, the cover-up has been massive in size, scope, and sophistication! Take a look at pages 135-136 of “Dark Money” published earlier this year by New York Times bestselling author Jane Mayer. Crooked spy firm Beckett Brown International (BBI) was hatched and launched INSIDE U.S. Secret Service’s Financial Crimes Division by Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski. BBI worked for the infamous Koch Brothers, even spying upon their own brother Bill. We documented this and a slew of other big time racketeering and corporate espionage crimes many years ago. This ginormous USSS scandal is just now beginning to be exposed, despite massive efforts by Williams & Connolly, Baltimore powerhouse Semmes, Bowen & Semmes, and other law firms trying to prevent the truth about past Secret Service corruption from ever coming out…


    1. John,
      I know this is true and I am sorry I haven’t been able to do more about Becket Brown. As you can see I have fought for four years to uncover just this one type of corruption. It has taken constant attention and attorney fees and I’m just one person and this is just one agency of government. I applaud your efforts re Becket Brown and know that you are doing your best to bring this to light every day. I would suggest you also contact the Congressional oversight committee. I believe Jason Chaffetz is actually trying to bring attention to this.


  2. Some say A.T. Smith looks like he has an incredibly tiny penis, practically concave.
    Others say it may have collapsed entirely into the ether of his vagina.


      1. Has it been looked into who this guy is related to? Looks suspicious. Looks like he could be a cousin to either Trent Franks or Louis Gohmert just based on looking at some pictures found online.

        How scary would it be to be find out you were related to BOTH Louie Gohmert and Trent Franks? There even is a vague resemblance to Douglas Feith (aka the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth)!

        Talk about a possible trifecta of turdosity!


  3. Malia – Very good summary! It is unbelievable what has gone on and, no doubt, is still going on. The SS apparently has their own set of rules, their own rigged polygraph machines, and their own solutions for bad behavior. Kinda scary to think these are the same people who keep POTUS, FLOTUS, and their two daughters safe.
    PS – You have done a tremendous job on this. Thank you. And, I hope you get all of the money you have spent on this, back!


    1. Sharon,
      It occurs to me that it just might be that the President might know about this but is afraid to out the USSS SINCE HE RELIES ON THEM FOR THE PROTECTION OF HE AND HIS FAMILY.


  4. I’m sure yopu forwarded the new info to Dave and anyone else who might expose it.

    Do you think the media is waiting till after the election to expose this scandal?


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