Secrets of the Secret Service Uncovered in FOIA Case–Sex Scandals

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Much has been reported on my FOIA case pending in Federal Court in Dallas.  Dave Lieber of the Dallas Morning New, the Watchdog, picked up the story after it made its debut in the National Enquirer.

This is a glimpse into who Dave Lieber is.

He gave another interview on a local station in Dallas regarding the story.

Radar Online covered the scandal in two different stories.

It is still unclear what the ultimate outcome of the case will be.  The trial court has dismissed the Secret Service and the Department of HOmeland Security and denied my request for attorney fees.  These is one party remaining in the case, the Office of Inspector General.  The mediation that began a week ago is still underway.   We continue to attempt to settle the case.  In the mean time, I have filed my notice of appeal, putting the government on notice that I intend to appeal the trial court’s decision that I should not be allowed to recover my attorney fees because this suit, and the documents requested were not of any “public interest.”

The following is a list of conduct represented in the documents produced that related to outrageous behavior of the Secret Service as it pertains to sex.  Each item listed below is directly correlated to a sqecific document produced in this case that appears to have no relationship to the events that transpired in Colombia.



Corruption related to Sexual InDescretions

  • Multiple reports of soliciting prostitutes
  • At least 22 USSS agents have witnessed solicitation of a prostitute by an agent, only one reported it.
  • Exchange of sexually explicit e-mail, including nude photos, with Russian FFN
  • Exchange of sexually explicit e-mail with Brazilian FFN
  • Indecent exposure Austin Texas
  • Inappropriate touching on two occasions
  • Officer walking around apartment complex completely nude 2 times, videotaped
  • Molesting juvenile boy in Virginia after giving him alcohol and date-rape drug
  • Male Agent solicited sex from a man in Puerto Rico using a government computer, after sex in hotel room prostitute stole his gun.
  • Agent took nude personal photos on phone and offered to send
  • Misuse of government vehicles to transport prostitutes
  • Multiple reports of domestic violence
  • Orlando office-sexual harassment –naked pictures e-mailed
  • Attempted rape of female agent while on assignment by a male agent
  • Unwanted touching in an elevator
  • Three counts of aggravated sexual battery and indecent liberties with a minor
  • Rape in Montgomery County
  • Agent missed flight home-at brothel, two prostitutes drove him to the airport
  • Made employees drink on job so he could “trust them”
  • Agent ask male employees, “Where are my little whore/bitches?” “Have you slept with them yet.:
  • Senior agent stalked subordinate, calls 5 or more times per day, called to office and invited to shower with him.  NTAC-“Nice Tits and Ass Club”
  • Helped with a Visa in exchange for sex.
  • Bigger office promised in exchange for sex
  • Got a tour of White House in exchange for sex.
  • Multiple e-mails with nude photos
  • Took pictures of having sex and posted using government computer.
  • David Neiland, investigator in Colombia scandal, history of sending nude photos of himself
  • Sexting, later promoted
  • Sex with underage girls in Utah
  • Two week relationship with Turkish female
  • Agent called a “creeper” ( man who cheats on wife)
  • One night stands allow as policy
  • Male agent grabbed breasts of female agent
  • Sex with a foreign national while at the US Embassy.
  • “Porno-gate” two senior managers had pornography on the gov’t computers,
  • Agent masturbating in office and asked woman walking by if she wanted to “finish him off” When she declined, male agent threatened to deport her (was a US Citizen)
  • Soliciting prostitute in full uniform, driving gov’t issued vehicle.
  • When the applicant hesitated performing oral sex,”If you stop, your application stops.”
  • Police had to be called when agent insisted on “happy ending” from a masseus
  • Supervisor choked female when she didn’t reciprocate his feelings
  • Sexual intercourse at headquarters after hours with fellow employee
  • Blackmailed multiple women that would post nude photos of them on internet if reported

prostitutes by car

In four years before Cartagena 105 reports of contact with foreign women.  After Cartagena 423 contacts with foreign women were reported.  Before Cartagena one-night stands while on a protective mission or trip were acceptable and did not need to be reported.

hotel cariebe

The most frightening thing about the list of sexual indiscretions above  is that most of them were reported by outside agencies (e.g. state police departments) so the Secret Service had to make  a record.  There are untold examples of sexual indiscretions that surely occurred, but were never reported, because the Secret Service was so willing to cover up the scandal.

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8 thoughts on “Secrets of the Secret Service Uncovered in FOIA Case–Sex Scandals

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  1. Lots of “isolated incidents” in the report. Based on that, a “pattern of corruption” must require near 100% participation by an agency. The Feds still haven’t done anything about the Ashley Madison accounts with government email addresses. The list of names and accounts came from a hackers. stay with me here…. If they hacked one secure site to get the accounts, they are probably able to hack the government sites. When it comes to sex, the Feds seem to look the other way.


    1. Alicia/Juuuss How many men did Sarah Palin ‘entertain’ while Todd was on the north slope? Curt Menard Jr, Brad Hanson, Joe Schmidt, and some from the Mugshot Saloon? Why did Todd Palin terminate his business partnership with Brad Hanson? How many ‘nighttime’ snow machine rides did Sarah have with Joe Schmidt? Sarah was quite the ‘entertainer’.


  2. ajweishar.
    I always give merit to your comments, but not sure I follow you…?
    My thinking is that Malia is trying to establish correlation, so does the 100% corruption pattern apply?

    Always encouraged by Malia’s steadfast revelations.


  3. You all are up with all this. I forgot about this
    Todd Palin Is the Man for America Now

    ” During the campaign, the Secret Service had a little checkpoint there. They had a boat out on the lake, too, with a couple agents in it. Good guys, all of them. He kind of misses having them around. He figures that would be a great job, if you were young and single and didn’t have a family. Todd liked one of the agents so much — the guy they called Surf because he was from California — that he took him out snowmachining.”

    Has it been established who Surf is? Does anyone recognize him?


  4. It kinda looks like the corruption goes far beyond SS. This stretches into many areas, agencies and depts here and there. It has been suggested that a coordinated effort has been attempted to over throw American’s and America. The Law and order Trump and friends of fox nation, certain societies, constitutional folks, cpoa, nra, militias, kkk, and other well known control freaks have been busy hacking with aid !! You will find victims in each state from their crimes. With much work you could probably tie it together, as many journalist are working on it today. The Donald likes to repeat the “Trojan horse” often. The Donald touts he did not spend money on ads. He spent money to make things happen!! victim after victim. The story is much bigger.


    1. HW,
      i think government corruption must be rampant and it isn’t associated with one President but has been going on for years. The problem/challenge is how to fix it, and where to begin.


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