Letter to Sarah Palin from Dr. CBJ

Who knows what Dr. “CBJ” is doing now that Sarah Palin is done having babies?  In the past it was clear that CBJ reported things that weren’t true, or at least inconsistent with Bristol and Sarah’s account of the birth of Trig.  Thus the following is not factual.  It was January of last year that Immoral Minority reported that Dr. CBJ ended her greater than 30-year tenure as a family physician to work full-time for Alaska CARES, the Providence-owned child advocacy center in Anchorage, where she has worked part-time since 2005.  Interestingly, Alaska CARES is a center to provide care for abused children, and because CBJ has worked there since before the 08 election, it is the subject of much speculation how Sarah Palin and/or Trig and/or Bristol initially came into contact with CBJ.   

 I am simply imagining what CBJ might say to Sarah if she wrote her a letter.

palin crazy glasses


Hey Sarah,

I saw your facebook post with pictures of the cut above your eye.  Give me a break!  Hillary was nowhere near you and if she had wanted to hurt you, she could have done a better job than that.

I’m not making up any more stories for you!  First you made me look like a fool with that Trig story.  Then there was the family brawl when I had to stitch up Track but you made me do it in your kitchen.  Then that snowmobile story was almost…almost…as unbelievable as the birth of your fifth.  Then you couldn’t even remember where Trig was supposedly born!

I refuse to defend your wild stories any more!  This latest is so unbelievable that only a doctor who never  intended to practice again would defend you.

palin injured

If you cut yourself jogging where’s the dirt or mud?  Why no abrasions on your hands, elbows or knees?  For God’s sake did you change clothes into your hospital garb before you went to the hospital?  Do you always go jogging with eye-make up on?  Simple logic would tell an ordinary person that if you fell and hit your head, and not your hands, elbows, or knees, and hit head first you’d probably hit your cheek bone first, not your forehead.  And, where are the scrapes and scratches on you cheek?  What a crock of it.  I’m not backing you up on this story.   You don’t pay me enough!

Just wear one of your wigs with bangs for a few days, and nobody will notice.

palin wig

I haven’t received my last month’s payment.  I know you aren’t hauling in the bucks like you used to, but our deal isn’t dependent on your revenue stream.  I refuse to keep providing “obstetric and gynecological care” to your girls if you fall behind on your payments.

I know that cocaine is your drug of choice, and oil drums along snowmobile paths are your favorite place to partake.

joe mcginnis book

However I got a letter in the mail from US Surgeon General this week.  Don’t panic.  Nobody has proof that you have a drug problem.  This letter was sent to 2.3 million physicians around the country.  The US Surgeon General is asking  for the help of American doctors in responding to an “unprecedented”  epidemic of opioid abuse and deaths.

Between 2013 and 2014, deaths from synthetic opioids skyrocketed by 79%, according to a new CDC report released Thursday.  I’m sure your family is partly to blame for that increase!

Sarah I’ve done what I can for you to help with the charade that Trig is your son.  That didn’t cause a death.  It was just …frankly…embarrassing for me to act like I told you it would be alright with me for you to get on a flight from Texas to Alaska, when you were pregnant with your fifth child, that we knew would have problems, after your water broke.  Now, with this realization that opioids are responsible for so many deaths, it is important that you tell your family they should retreat, and stop reloading.  Whoever hit you, did they know who you are?  Did they know that people at Mat Su will say anything to tell the story you want to tell?

You know that now I only care for abused children, so if I can help with any of yours, feel free to call.  However, I’m putting you on notice, that from now on you’ll have to get your prescriptions from someone else, somebody will have to defend your story about getting hit by a rock, and I won’t consider taking payment from SarahPAC any more!


PS.  Tell Todd I have a sprinkler system in my house,  and I don’t fly my own private plane.

palin church fire



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  1. Malia – Just like everything else with Sarah, there are more questions than answers. If we are to believe the Wasilla loon fell “face first”, then she needs to make her story and injuries more believable than a forehead hematoma. The blood on the eye appears to be blood that tricked down from the hematoma, not an injury to the eye. So, why did her eyelid turn purple? And, why is the bruise where the hematoma was a different color than her eyelid? Purple eyeshadow? Why did she have her injury photographed in front of her fireplace at home if she was outdoors running? More than likely she has “scope eye” from improperly shooting a weapon, but since she won’t admit she made a mistake, with a weapon or ever, she came up with the rock running injury instead. What an idiot!


  2. Dr. Cathy is the perfect physician for the fetus that will be one day be Sarah’s grandchild. From Sarah’s latest insane rant: “Leave Hillary alone! All that email-evidenced yoga, and wedding planning, and cookie-baking-grandma-duty wears you out. Believe you me.”

    Is Sarah planning a wedding? That would be for the girl who was abused and terrorizes by Sarah’s son? Who better to look out for the baby than Dr. Cathy? It is a small little place up there in Alaska and they all seem to know each other so very well.

    Alaska CARES Team
    Bryant Skinner MBA, Center Manager
    Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, Medical Director

    Our Mission
    As people of Providence, we reveal God’s love for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate service.

    Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is a family medicine doctor in Palmer, Alaska and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Mat-Su Regional Medical Center and Providence Alaska Medical Center.


  3. This is quiet a write up for Doctor Cathy.
    Impelled to action by a deep faith
    Committed to the service of children and families

    After delivering her last baby in 2008, Doctor Cathy began spending most of her time at Alaska CARES, the Child Advocacy Center in Anchorage founded in 1996. She describes this work as “very, very fulfilling. I work at a place that is safe for kids who have had terrible things happen to them. It is a place to tell their story and to get help for them and their family. Then they won’t suffer all of these ill effects.”

    Is this the last baby Doctor Cathy delivered? They claim April 18, 2008, Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, AK is when and where Trig Paxson Van Palin was born.

    Sarah Palin walking briskly through Juneau, on icy streets no less, in February 2008. She would be pregnant with Trig Paxson Van Palin.

    There is also video of this hike.


    1. I guess the baby is in her coffee cup…..because if you compare that abdomen to the one in the Gusty photo………physiologically IMPOSSIBLE.
      Sure, I believe CBJ delivered her last baby in 08..but it wasn’t from Sarah’s loins.


  4. So much to look forward to in the coming week on your blog, what with anniversaries of the brawl and the Couric interview. And Rick Perry on DWTS?

    Also, why is her “swelling” on her face perfectly round? It looks like an implanted replacement battery into her skull.


  5. It was brilliant, Malia, the way Dr. CBJ helped Sarah convince everyone she gave birth to Trig. If only, Sarah hadn’t told the “wild ride” story, I’m sure they could have pulled this off.

    Sarah convinced Dr. CBJ that her chances for the VP job were excellent but she didn’t want the world to know she had a 16 year-old, unwed daughter. She also wanted Bristol’s support. Sarah remembered Track begging her not to run for Governor. After she did, and won, I don’t think he ever felt the same way about her.

    Here’s my theory: Dr. CBJ estimated Bristol’s due date around the 20th of April, 2008. Sarah would announce her pregnancy in early March, 2008, and say she was seven-months pregnant and her first due date was May 25, 2008. All along it was planned they would say Trig was four or five weeks premature, depending on when Bristol actually delivered.

    Dr. CBJ started giving Bristol pre-natal care and used Sarah’s name as the patient. They used Sarah’s state insurance to pay all the bills. This wasn’t done just because she didn’t want to pay, it was more important to her to have the paperwork/birth certificate in her name for the VP run.

    Sarah never should have gone to Texas the week of April 14th. The phone call at 4:00 AM on April 17th, was “from” Dr. CBJ… not a call from Sarah “to” her. Dr. CBJ called to tell Sarah Bristol’s water broke. As planned, Bristol was brought into Mat-Su in the very early hours through the back door of the hospital. I think she delivered Trig sometime that afternoon. The e-mail that Todd received in Texas saying…”the pup was ready to be picked-up,” could have been a code message that Bristol had delivered.

    To this day, people believe Bristol had a preemie in Jan./Feb. of 2008 and because her mother took Trig away from her, she wanted to get pregnant and have her own child. This is the rumor Sarah had to put out to make way for Bristol’s fake pregnancy during the RNC.

    The e-mail from the SOA, Benefits Div., dated May 21, 2008, addressed to…”Gov. Palin” asking for her new child’s birth certificate is evidence the paperwork had to be in her name. Also, don’t forget the end of April, 2008, Dr. CBJ went for an interview with her attorney to the ADN and told them she delivered Trig.

    With the Palins, you can’t think normal. They live in Alaska where their laws make it easy to lie and deceive. It’s impossible to get information out of anyone and that’s why they get away with this “stuff.”


  6. Having been a victim of assault and domestic violence…and having professionally been a martial arts fighter I can say woth confidence that was not from a fall. Obviously someone hit her. It’s odd to me she chose to post this since she seems so image conscious. I also find it odd that Todd basically also had the s$<% beat out of him earlier this year. Who knows what the truth is and we may never know. It's kinder than what happened to Gabby Giffords. So I think Sarah should count herself as blessed.


  7. Interesting wound. I have done the same on the streets and in track meets. No matter how I fell, I looked like I landed on a cheese grater. If you are moving at all, your body slides along the ground, causing an abrasion. How did she get the round swollen spot above the eye? Fell on a perfectly round rock? No black eye? Who’s her cut man?


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