Ann Coulter Gives Permission to do a “Standard Retard” Impression

Who could forget Sarah Palin demanding the resignation of Rahm EmanuEl for calling someone a “retard?”

Shortly thereafter Rush Limbaugh used the word, and Palin explained that it was OK for Limbaugh to use the word because he used it in the “satirical” sense.



Donald Trump took it a step further and mocked the disabled.

Now Ann Coulter joins the group and refers to “retards” in her new book.   Defending Trump, she explains that he was doing a “standard retard” impersonation.  Ms. Coulter suggests that Trumps behavior was not offensive as his remarks were clearly not meant to make fun of a disabled reporter, but to simply compare the reporter to a “standard retard” because he didn’t articulate his question well.  Coulter misses the point.   Even if Trump wasn’t mocking the reporter, to be mocking a “standard retard” would be offensive to anyone with a special needs child in their family…like Sarah Palin.

palin thanksgiving trig arm neckchocking

Yet Palin endorses Trump!  Coulter endorses Trump.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was originally passed by both Democrats and Republicans.    If it were to be re-considered today, it seems there would be no reason to expect Donald Trump to be a proponent of the law.


4 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Gives Permission to do a “Standard Retard” Impression

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  1. Malia,
    Face it, Donald Trump and Ann Coulter both think that it is okay to make fun of down syndrome disabled people and children. Sarah is not a real mother unless she denounces both of them right now.


  2. Ann’s toilet surely suffers the most – can you imagine having to look at His undercarriage first-thing every morning? It must see His bone-filled cocktail dress coming at it at 7am and just wish it were dead and over for the last time oh dear god noooo…..


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