Secrets of the Secret Service–Agency Wide Corruption

Yesterday I posted a list of sexual indiscretions revealed in the documents produced by the government in my FOIA case pending in Federal Court.  There are so many documents,w ith so many reports of outrageous behavior that I had to categorize them to make the list manageable.  The following is a list of agency-wide corruption that is of a non-sexual nature:


  • Agent involved with felon in illegal property investment business
  • Domestic assault and battery of girlfriend
  • Reported to work drunk
  • Assault
  • Agent passed out in hallway of hotel
  • DWI Breathalizer .23
  • Assault with intent to cause injury
  • 08
  • DUI .24
  • DUI .16
  • Drugs
  • DUI arrest-refused breathalyzer
  • Speeding and DUI
  • DUI Montgomery County
  • DWI Maryland State Police
  • Multiple extramarital affairs women he knew, and from web sites.
  • Child abuse-hit head on car, head butted, planks, burpees, threatened to hit and slap
  • Operating private business with government computer, and solicited sales from other employees
  • Directing government contracts to unlicensed, uninsured and unqualified contractors
  • Three agents-home in Atlanta-assault and taser
  • Gave credentials to person for copying
  • Retired agent driving a GOV to another state for personal matter
  • Bar fight
  • Caught having sex on White House grounds
  • Unnecessary damage to hotel rooms
  • “wheels up, rings off” parties
  • Drunk in middle of day, drove car into a Verizon center.
  • Intoxicated while working at Camp David
  • Criminal histories and drug abuse being overlooked with new hires
  • Martha Vineyard “partied like rock stars”


In addition the documents produced included a chart of 135 specific acts of misconduct that occurred between 3-1-2004 through 7-12-10.

secret service cartoon

The chart is particularly compelling as it was clearly created before Mark Sullivan’s testimony before the House Oversight committee when he declared that:

  1.  The notion that his agency would condone a culture of misconduct “is just absurd.
  2.  The Colombia scandal was not a part of a “systemic” problem.
  3.  Sullivan said: “I’ve been an agent for 29 years now … I [have] never one time had any supervisor or any other agent tell me that this type of behavior is condoned.”
  4.  “We have a zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”
  5.   “I cannot figure out why they did what they did.”

Senator Susan Collins of Maine explained that: “This reckless behavior could easily have compromised individuals charged with the security of the president of the United States.”  “This misconduct was almost certainly not an isolated incident.”

Yet the President said he: “has great faith in the Secret Service, believes the director has done an excellent job,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said. “The director moved very quickly to have this matter investigated and took action very quickly as a result of that investigation.”

The point of the Oversight committee hearings was to determine “Was the cavorting with prostitutes and rampant drinking a lone incident or agency tradition in far-flung locales?”  Clearly the culture of the Secret Service was clear long before Colombia.  Not only were there isolated reports of inappropriate behavior, but someone summarized the many reports into on long summary report that included:

  • 32 “off duty arrests”
  • Theft
  • 6 cases sexual harassment
  • Discharge firearm
  • Deliberate disclosure of classified information
  • Employee violence
  • Prohibited personal actions
  • Multiple time and attendance cases of fraud
  • Multiple cases of physical/sexual/spousal abuse
  • Rude/crude treatment

Thus the importance of the documents produced thus far in the FOIA suit is that there was not only a long history of corruption in the Secret Service before Colombia, but Mark Sullivan MUST have known about it.  The fact that Sullivan would lie to Congress is even more appalling!  The culture of corruption went to the very top of the agency.

mark sullivan secret service

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