Palin Predicts “Erosion” of Support for Trump and the Sun Will Rise in the Morning

Sarah Palin, the Ex-Half-Term Governor, has now turned Psychic, is predicting that if Trump doesn’t waffle back to deporting all illegal immigrants that his support will begin to erode.  Pause and consider just how ridiculous this interview is.


  1.  The interview is on Fox news, but there is no video footage of Palin. The visual image is a picture of Alaska, with only the voice of Sarah heard.  It must be a remarkably bad hair day when Fox News won’t air an actual image of Sarah Palin.
  2. Palin admits that Trump has changed his stance on illegal immigration.  Her recommendation is that he should change that stance again.
  3. Palin predicts an “erosion” of his support if he remains “soft” on illegal immigrants.  What a joke!  For Palin to predict an erosion of “Trump’s support” is like predicting the erosion by Colorado River that might result in the formation of a really big canyon.

grand canyon

For Palin to tie the erosion of Trump’s support to any one factor is laughable!  Trump’s support has fallen to unprecedented lows.  

  1.  Hillary Clinton has opened up a 10-point national lead over Donald Trump in the Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters.

2.  Among those likely to vote in November, Clinton grabbed 51 percent in a head-to-head matchup, while Trump earned 41 percent.

3.  Hillary leads in support from women (60 percent to 36 percent), those between the ages of 18-34 (64 percent to 29 percent), and 35-49 (53 percent to 39 percent).

4.  Trump’s only advantage is among men (48 percent to 42 percent), and uneducated whites (58 percent to 35 percent).

5.  Even Independent voters prefer Clinton slightly, 46 percent to 41 percent.

Even Fox News is reporting that Trump’s decline in the polls is “getting serious.”  “Yikes”.


Fox describes the Quinnepiac poll as extremely reliable.  Fox points out: (1) It is from one of the best pollsters, (2) it was the one that was right on the money in forecasting Trump’s primary wins; (3) it is in line with other top-notch pollsters’ findings from earlier this month; and (4) it includes a likely voter screen.



” No modern candidate trailing by so much with less than 11 weeks to go has ever won the presidency.”

For Sarah to “predict” an erosion in support for Trump is like predicting that the sun will come up in the morning.  Her predictions are as laughable as her attempts to convince people that she is a hunter.  She is a joke.  Her predictions are a joke.  By suggesting that Trump should change his position on immigrants AGAIN is a joke.  She may have just disqualified herself from being considered an anchor for the upcoming Trump News Network.


17 thoughts on “Palin Predicts “Erosion” of Support for Trump and the Sun Will Rise in the Morning

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  1. What I don’t understand is how ANYONE with more than 1 firing neuron could even consider voting for dRUMPf. Well other than billionaires, who will not be affected no matter what the political climate.


  2. Malia,

    Dakota Meyers has much in common with you. He is working for a non-profit now and they will be raising money and capturing human traffickers.

    International Harbor Foundation

    He is going to be a spokesperson and he will be doing fundraising, interviews, teaching and speaking on his non-profit and the work they do. He may also be on Fox News one day soon.


      1. Good one, Malia!

        I would not be surprised if Sarah is going to write another barn burner book. I hope her book party is as successful as Ann Coulter’s after Ann said the same thing two days ago about being soft on immigration.

        Maybe no picture of Sarah because she cannot undo her fetal position.


      2. laurensd1,
        In all the years I’ve been covering Palin I’ve never seen an interview by phone with Fox. Maybe she bruised from more plastic surgery, but something is up!


      3. Malia,
        Do you read Gryphen’s blog? In the comments someone keeps asking why you and Shailey don’t take the Palin’s to court to “force their hand” @ Shailey’s book. I think their silence @ the book is their way of admitting it is full of truth. They are all about taking folks to court and threatening to take folks to court who say something they disagree with. To me their silence validates what was written.


      4. Connie,
        I try to read Gryphen’s blog as often as I can, but don’t have time to keep up with all the comments.I can tell you that I’ve not filed a suit in Alaska for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that the Courts in Alaska are corrupt! What would I sue them for? There isn’t a cause of action for lying?


      5. Head of this foundation Max William Chip Bayless is a scammer. Claims to be from special operations units but they’ve never heard of him. No military ever. Using donations to make payroll.


    1. Dakota Meyer is a scam artist, and the Police Departments throughout the USA don’t need a bunch of PTSD afflicted drunks running around interfering with their operations. If you go to their website, you will see several misspelled words, and a fledgling operation with no history. Just another money scam.


  3. Malia — I don’t think Palin has a TV “studio” any more, which might account for the lack of visuals. I guess she hasn’t discovered Skype. Maybe this had no visual so it was easier for Fox to cut off her blather.

    As for what she says, this word-salad is so Palin-esque. Stale sound bytes spewed in random order with only a little resemblance to English — and full of misinformation and lies. Egads. Faux Nooz must have been short of content that night.


    1. BW,
      Iknow the studio is gone, but most channels have a studio in most cities where they film an interview. I’m sure it could have been done at the Fox affiliate in Anchorage, if Sarah had been willing to be seen.


  4. “Phoning it in.” This is too funny. How far has she fallen? Or how lazy?
    I think her meth dealer got busted. She’s wearing a long sleeve sweatshirt in Arizona, scratching the invisible bites, shaking with spasms, jumpy, maybe lost a few teeth, and wandering around looking for a hit.
    Just a wild guess, could Barstool’s next baby be from Trump? I can picture Sarah pimping her daughters to gain his favor.


    1. aj,
      As bad as she has looked in past interviews, it’s a frightening thing to imagine how bad she looks now if SHE now thinks she doesn’t look good enough to appear.


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