Sarah Palin has Already Auditioned for a Spot on the Trump News Network!

Everyone is assuming that Donald Trump wants to be President. Everyone is assuming that if you fight for the Republican nomination that you want to be President.  Everyone is assuming that if you seek the endorsement of Sarah Palin that you actually want the endorsement of the most unpopular Ex-Governor of Alaska.  The truth may be just the opposite.  Trump may have planned all along to lose the election.  What better way to lose the election than to insult Hispanics, women, and the disabled in the first weeks of the campaign?   Who in their right mind would attack a Federal Judge of the basis of his heritage?  What better way to ensure defeat in November than to associate yourself with Sarah Palin, the undefeated defeated loser and quitter?  For months writers have suggested that Trump’s plan all along was to lose.  He has taken unconstitutional positions and said nice things about Vladimir Putin, instead of condemning  a man who has been an outspoken enemy of Democracy.  Would anyone believe they would actually be electable who has associated himself with rapists?  Why wouldn’t he reject the endorsement of David Duke,the leader of the KKK?  Why would he gratuitously attack John McCain, the Republican choice for President in 2008?
 There’s only one thing left for Trump to do to seal his fate.  He may be planning in October to defend a puppy killer?  It seems that is the only thing left to guarantee his loss in the election in November.
Conversely, the things Donald Trump has said and done to portray himself as a media personality are striking.  He surrounds himself with hot women that are much younger than himself.
trump beauty contestantsmelania trump gq twomelania trump four
 He promotes an image of a fighter, and a friend of fighters.

Now journalists are catching on.  With the recent choice of Steve Bannon as Trump’s campaign manager, its clear that his focus is the media and not winning the election.  For Donald Trump his campaign is simply free advertisement for his new network.


The theory that Donald Trump is preparing for a defeat at the polls in November by planning to launch a media company is really picking up momentum.  Sean Hannity has revealed himself to be informally advising Trump. The Young Turks had a similar conclusion.  Uygur identified Hannity, Steve Bannon, and Roger Ailes,  as people with whom Trump is associating himself, who have all had more experience in network media than political campaigns.  Each has already established himself in conservative media. It seems these are people who’d be important to align yourself with if you wanted to establish yourself in the conservative media, rather than win an election.

Trump’s gathered together here a little bit of a posse of conservative media,” Uygur explained. “Now, part of the reason — people think — for that is at least [the] possibility that afterwards, they’re going to start their own media company and they view this as just a money-making exercise. ‘Let’s gather up as large an audience as we can. Even if we lose, even if we get blown out, who cares? If you’ve got 40% of the country on your side and you can monetize that through the media, well, we’ll be in great shape.’”

Trump may well be going the route of Sarah Palin, who launched ashort-lived subscription service for videos of her talking last year.


Even Sean Hannity appears to be positioning himself as the network’s spokesperson.  Sean is one of the most pro-Donald Trumpfigures in cable news, but a new report is suggesting that the connection between the two goes beyond media booster and presidential candidate.  A report from The New York Times says that the Fox News host has been an informal adviser to the Trump campaign for months now by providing strategy and messaging advice to the mogul and his various staffers. Hannity didn’t seem to deny this to Times reporter Jim Gutenberg, but he did say that he’s not looking for a formal position in the event that Trump takes the White House.

“Do I talk to my friend who I’ve known for years and speak my mind? I can’t not speak my mind,” Hannity said. “I’m not hiding the fact that I want Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. I never claimed to be a journalist.”

The only thing worse than a network featuring Donald Trump, is one that features both Trump and Palin.  The frightening thing is that Palin has already auditioned!

16 thoughts on “Sarah Palin has Already Auditioned for a Spot on the Trump News Network!

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  1. Malia

    Sorry I have been gone again it been a tough week. Todd had a stupid idea at the last trump rally. We stuffed a family of Mexicans into a pinnata and hung it from the rafters. Of course we forgot to bring baseball bats to beat open the pinnata. Those Mexicans don’t have a very long shelf life and really started to smell bad after a few days.

    Sarah has an interview with trump today. We are setting up a video conference in the airplane hanger tv room.

    Todd hooked up all the strings to her hand’s, mouth and tounge. I liked it better when she could move her own mouth and limbs. We still think she is alive because rigamortise has not set in and every once in a while her diaper fills up.

    Bristol is celebrating her two month aniversay with the medal of honor guy. She through a big party with all her old boyfriends. The waiting room outside her bedroom was packed. She is such a hard worker that she processed 12 guys and hour. Not bad Sarah would be proud.

    Dakota was not invited to the anniversary party. He was busy looking for his medal of honor. he last time we saw it Trump was making a tie clip out of it. The sacrifices trump has made is really impressive.

    He has worked tirelessly stealing medals for soldiers, boy scouts and even girl scouts. He will have the most medals of any president ever.

    As we prepare for breeding season we are counting on a good spring litter of children and child support checks. Our goal is to avoid dna bingo like every other year. If we can narrow down who the father sperm doners to a couple of hundred guys, the “needle in a haystack” department can stop ordering DNA the truck lode.

    I am glad to hear that you got some free information acted on. Or freedome of infotation whatever those big words are. I hope you can get to the bottom of this whole ss mess. Those ss agents need to pay todds freakin bill.

    Well back to work. I have a sarah pack meeting to go to. We changed the venue to the morgue. Its not as fun as they used to be when the victums were breathing. As todd always says ” Dead or alive the forged social security checks will help us thrive”


    1. painchipeater,
      Welcome back! You missed Sara’s reporting on the Olympics, and I for one always enjoyed her attempt to create the impression that she could take some credit for all the gold medals. T”he truth is thatshe’d liketo have a medal to melt down and make a gun out of. She’ll have to keep it unloaded in the house as you-know-who might shoot himself if it were loaded. Good news…Track found his missing leg and Jordon’s knee has totally recovered from being kicked, so I don’t know what all the fuss was about?


      1. I watched the Olympics with sarah. After a few days I realized the tv was off and broken. I realized I was just watching the lice in her wig jumping, diving,running.

        I was impressed to see the lice from jamaca beat out the lice from Russia in the 100 hair sprint. It was a fair competition because all of the contestants were junked up on meth powder in her hair.

        Sarah seemed ok until she got in an argument with the house plant. It was a debate for the ages. In the end The house plant won the argument as usual .

        Sarah seems content with her new position in the trump organization. It a little disturbing seeing her rolled up in a ball on the floor sucking her thumb. Todd said the fetal position is as high of position in the trump organization that you can get.

        I gotta go. Either someone dropped a bag of marbles down the stairs or sarah is streaching out her back again.

        May todd be with you.


      2. painchipeater,
        I watched the Olympics and one of the female sprinters wore a yellow and green wig. I couldn’t figure out why. Now I understands. She must have wanted the lice in Statah’s wig to be sure theyd idn[‘t get confused about where they belonged!


  2. With Ailes in the Trump coterie, the network idea makes a plausible equation.
    Add Hannity and Bill O’Reilly in the mix and picture the premiere for the signature show.
    “Who’s Groping Who?”

    Will Todd be somewhere looking through a peephole?


  3. Okay. With the above Malia and P.C.Eater comments I can survive the day. That was in doubt after hearing the Cheeto Man, aka Agent Orange, lead another vile vile vile vile vile cluster #$%^ in NH this afternoon.
    Sheeple interrupting his vitriol with the “Lock her up!” chants.

    Hillary is on with a soothing Balm of Gilead” tone.


  4. Anyone seen Mrs. tRump? Was she the first illegal aien deported by tRump, I wonder? Maybe she is sleeping days, and making money the old fashioned way like she used to – escorting?


  5. Malia, you speak the truth here. We forget that Trump is an actor. Watch the scenes in his shows. They were scripted reality shows. He plays a cool corporate manager supervising the worst combinations of employees, all performers. He’s a hustler and knows how to rope in his target. He’s also a competitive bigot, follower of Hitler.

    Trump sees how Jews own the US media, TV networks, recording industry, and film. He hates Jews. He knows how to play the fool, a magician redirecting the audience as he moves behind the scenes. With our polluted election process, there’s a half billion in donations to the loser, free money.

    Trump is performing “The Producers” with the U.S. election instead of a Broadway show. The play mocks the Nazis and theater audiences. Trump is mocking all of the fringe groups in the country. He uses the media like the audience in the producers, a bunch of clueless wannabe intellectuals who don’t realize they are being scammed.


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