More People Know Jimmy Kimmel Than Mike Pence

Mike Pence sat down in Henry Jones’ barbershop in Norristown, Pa., Tuesday, during a campaign swing — and the media came along for the ride.  As illustrated in the exciting video of Pence getting a haircut from an “average” Black barber, there were many people standing around watching the haircut.  The amazing thing is that the Trump campaign forgot to tell the barber who they were or why they were filming him.  To illustrate Pence’s total inability to relate to this barber, at least 20 minutes of almost total silence occurred.  Then they had the following discussion:


“Your name was — ?” Jones asked.

Pence replied, “Mike Pence. I’m the governor of Indiana, and I’m running for vice president of the United States.”

This fact seemed to take Jones by surprise. “Go ahead, man,” he said. “Vice president? Oh boy.”

Watch it here:


Two humorous things are evident from this video:  #1-  Pence can’t relate to an average person. #2 The average person probably knows jimmy Kimmel, but doesn’t know Mike Pence,

7 thoughts on “More People Know Jimmy Kimmel Than Mike Pence

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  1. I cannot understand how a self proclaimed religious man and woman could stand next to the trump organization. Pense is either dense or part of the scam. There is clear verified mental illness on the right.


    1. That’s how the majority of the supporters identify, Christian family values people. It’s the biggest cognitive dissonance I have ever seen.


  2. Trump cannot run with anyone who might draw attention from him. He chose they most bland of the white, bigoted politicians in public office today.


  3. After this happened, he went to a diner somewhere and just started making conversation with some family trying to eat their dinner. When it was all over, they didn’t know who he was either. Good. He deserves to be an official nobody.


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