Trump Pays Himself With Campaign Donations

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For a long time it has been suggested that Trump was running for President, not so he could serve the people,but so that he could increase his net worth.  Between June 16, when he announced his candidacy from the lobby of Trump Tower, through the end of 2015, the Trump campaign spent $2.2 million patronizing Trump businesses.  More recent filings reveal that Trump is already realizing greater profits as a result of the national attention associated with running for President.  His business  revenue has increased by almost­ $190­­ million, since he started the campaign, with gains coming from golf courses to branded merchandise to book royalties.”

“The flood of cash highlights one of the most unusual aspects of Trump’s candidacy — the potential that a private businessman can benefit financially from a run for the White House. And it shows how his fortunes have evolved since last year, when his controversial comments about immigration and Muslims threatened to tarnish his business brand even if they boosted his political campaign.”

Recent filings with the Federal election commission reveal that Donald Trump has directed nearly one-fifth of his campaign cash to companies that are part of his vast business empire.  According to documents submitted to the Federal Election Commission, Mr. Trump, whose campaign has just $1.3 million cash on hand, paid $1.1 million to his businesses and family members in the single month of May for expenses associated with events and travel costs. The total represents nearly a fifth of the $6 million that his campaign spent in the month.

Now it appears that as his defeat seems more likely than ever, Trump has decided to profit to an even greater extent.  TRUMP TOWER RENT WENT UP WHEN CAMPAIGN DONORS STARTED PAYING IT “After bragging for a year about how cheaply he was running his campaign, Donald Trump is spending more freely now that other people are contributing — particularly when the beneficiary is himself. Trump nearly quintupled the monthly rent his presidential campaign pays for its headquarters at Trump Tower to $169,758 in July, when he was raising funds from donors, compared with March, when he was self-funding his campaign, according to a Huffington Post review of Federal Election Commission filings.” 

It seems that Trump’s idea for making America great again is to make himself even richer than he already is.  Sarah Palin must be livid that she isn’t making some of this money.  The problem is she just lives too far away!

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  1. My belief is that Trump is getting ready for his November defeat by planning a Fringe-Right media business with which to leverage all that anger he stirred up during the election cycle. With Bannon and other nutjobs he will provide an outlet further right than Fox because we all know that Fox no longer rates high in Trump’s pantheon of good guys because he’s had plenty of flack from them. (Of course Fox is his only recourse now that he has tweeted ugly things about most reliable news sources.)

    So Trump works on firing up the Right now in a totally irresponsible way so he can wreck havoc after the election with his own adoring media company. This presidential race has fueled rather than diminished his need for the spotlight. He makes Palin look tame by comparison.

    I’m reminded of Al Capone when I think of Trump — and that is that the Feds got him on IRS-related charges rather than for his criminal acts. At the rate Trump is going with his ‘loose’ financial transactions to favor himself, he too might meet his downfall in a similar manner. Oh what a day that will be!


  2. This is amazing – but somehow after observing him for a year plus – this fits. I can only hope his small donors and his larger donors pay attention to this info. It is getting a lot of coverage and hopefully will be discussed on some of the reputable programs.
    Thanks for doing an article on this scandal. He is such a parasite.


  3. Malia,
    Can you please figure Sarah out? She claims she hates the liberal media and that the media lie all of the time and yet she agreed with everything they just threw at Paul Manafort true or not. She is so jealous of people!


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