Status Report on FOIA Case

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A wide variety of people have noticed, and reported on the pending FOIA case that is pending in Federal Court in Dallas.  It was the article of Dave Lieber of the Dallas Morning News that sparked interest in the national media.  Then Fox News featured a short segment to further bring this matter into focus.  Just yesterday Dave Lieber was invited to appear on the local news affiliate of NBC.


Today was the scheduled Court-ordered mediation.  I assumed that there was absolutely no chance the this case would be resolved after more than four years of fighting to get the documents from the USSS and the Office of Inspector General that I had requested.  I was so convinced that this matter would never be settled that I have already filed the necessary papers with the Court to begin the process of an appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court.  OIG is still a party to the suit and their attorney indicates, that contrary to a Court Order, it will take them 13 more months to produce the documents requested.  Thus the appeal would relate to the dismissal of the USSS and DHS.

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To my surprise there is some chance that the case may be settled.  OIG, reportedly , is trying to locate the documents that I specified that I was most interested in.  Given the previous attempt to settle with AT Smith, I have explained that if a settlement can be achieved that I must see the documents in advance before agreeing to accept any settlement proposal.  The Judge advises me that I might have the documents as early as tomorrow, so we are waiting once again.

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I’ll report back as soon as I hear from the Court.


Here is the news story featuring Dave Lieber of the Dallas Morning news.  THANKS  DAVE FOR HELPING GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THIS CASE!

8 thoughts on “Status Report on FOIA Case

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  1. Everyone who comes to your siten needs to reply to this post sont he Judge, the news, and even the Enquirer can see there is still huge demand from the public!


    1. Karbear,
      Thank you for your support! You are right every person who reads the blog is counted as a person who has an interest in this scandal. Thank you! Malia


  2. Patience and persistence are the keys to dealing with Federal bureaucracy and behind the scenes secrets. They try to wear you down at first. Then if that fails, they do the jobs we are paying them to do.

    Could also be related to the Palins at 14 minutes and 55 second of their 15 minutes of fame.


    1. aj,
      I’ll give you updates as I can, but I don’t want to do anything to keep the government from doing what they can to remedy this abuse.


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