Trump’s Campaign Promises Now “To Be Determined”

trump flip flop

It is astonishing that for over one year Donald Trump has been repeatedly outspoken about (1) building a wall and making the Mexican government pay for it, and (2) deporting all illegal immigrants.  Here are just a few of the opportunities Trump has had over the last year to modify that stance.  Over and over again, he defended his position:

Now that Trump has secured the GOP nomination, and we are less than 2 months away from early voting, Trump’s policy on illegal immigration is “To Be Determined.”

It’s a clear signal that Trump can’t be trusted to remain true to any platform.

First he was in favor of choice,

then he declared that he was “pro-life.”

Then he went even further and declared that a woman who has an abortion should be punished.


THis video that was made by a conservative group before the Republican Primary illustrates that Trump has changed his position on virtually every issue, converting himself from Democratic positions to those of Republicans.



The clear, indisputable conclusion is that whatever Trump says seems to be what he believes will garner the most votes at the time, and not what he actually believes.  Thus if Trump should ever be elected President, the only thing anyone should count on is that we won’t know what his position will be on any issue.  As his aid said, “To be Determined.”

trump flip flop chart


4 thoughts on “Trump’s Campaign Promises Now “To Be Determined”

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  1. Hello Malia! My ode to The Donald, when the reality of the November 8th “spanking” sets in:

    Humpty Trumpty sat on his “Mexican” wall,
    Humpty Trumpty had a “great fall”,
    King Donald’s horses and King Donald’s “men”,
    had cheese omelettes…


  2. “To be determined” is the only thing Trump can say…or will… before the election because he’s just reading ‘stuff’ his staff put in front of him. He hasn’t thought through ANY serious issue. That’s why he’s” a mile wide and an inch deep.”

    This reminds me, Malia, that I’ve been meaning to catalog the parallels between Trump and Palin. Here’s a partial list that comes to mind, but I know you can dig deeper!
    * Both have connections to Russia — whether from their house or with oligarchs.
    * Both have mastered word-salads.
    * Both have unsavory “pals” guiding them.
    * Both are racist, xenophobic, homophobic and misogynist.
    * Both are Islamophobic because they need a villain to justify their own nastiness.
    * Both rail against the media and play the victim card.
    * Both place a lot of value on appearance over substance.
    * Neither displays any evidence of being well-read, well-informed.
    * Neither has a clue about foreign policy — whether of Africa, the ‘country’ or of the Crimea.
    * Neither has a clue about economic policy either. They rail against taxes and regulations, but think the American public wants more unsuccessful ‘trickle-down’ crap thrown at them.

    Trump really does remind me of Palin. Both of are exceptionally ignorant and unqualified for elected positions. Yet, folks, this is happening in America, not some third-world country where dictators run amuck. Now we have members of the GOTP acting like dictators, ready to curtail civil rights so their edicts become the law of the land. Congress and the Supreme Court be damned. A scary prospect indeed.


  3. Interesting that he changed his tune after the security briefing. He finally saw the two year vetting process for immigrants and realized how ignorant his original statement was.


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