Channel 5 News in Dallas Features a Story on FOIA Suit

Dave Leiber, the reporter from the Dallas Morning News, gave an interview this morning on the channel 5 local station regarding the suit and my efforts to get reimbursed for my attorney fees.




18 thoughts on “Channel 5 News in Dallas Features a Story on FOIA Suit

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  1. Congratulations! That is the best update!

    I know that Sarah and Todd support this Trump supporter Bongino. I know he is on TV to defend Trump. I don’t recall his part in the Colombia Secret Service Prostitute mess that is so important that it must be covered up. It seems it was his brother had something to do with that? Odd if Dan Bongino got out of the Secret Service around that time? He blamed President Obama and wrote a book. Now he is running for office and he has a short fuse.

    “You’re a disgusting real piece of sh*t,” he snarled. “Go f*ck yourself, you piece of sh*t! Former Secret Service Bongino

    Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino is once again trying to run for Congress — and he’s once again flailing wildly.

    If you know anymore about his recent events or his deal with the Secret Service I would be very interested.


  2. I hope Dave can get API and some teevee networks interested in this story. Actually more important than the coverup by SS, is the unfathomable amount of time and money to get records that SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO ANY CITIZEN without cost or time delays.

    Have you sent this info to Hillary’s campaign? Getting through directly to her may be impossible, but the campaign might see it as something to use.


  3. Mrs. LItman. Please do not give up despite the adversity you are facing. You have absolutely no idea how deep the waters run regarding Government Secrecy and Corruption. You work is not only valuable to the public at large, it is also without price to the silent victims of the violations upon whom they inflict these atrocities,


      1. There is another issue which is ongoing with the Secret Service of which very few individuals have been informed. Please contact me at your convenience.


  4. You have destroyed the public interest argument by getting space in newspapers and time on a network. News reports are based on a public demand. The judge also ignores blog numbers as public interest.

    The person citing “public interest” must state what “public interest” is in a measurable amount. The generic definition has long been invalidated by technology that measures interest in all demographics. If you hit a national news show, you have to appeal.


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