Meghan McCain Tells Trump Adviser “I Want to Win”


8 thoughts on “Meghan McCain Tells Trump Adviser “I Want to Win”

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  1. Meghan should watch her step, tRump will not hire HER when he starts his own TV network. What a shrill beotch. So, she has a degree in Art History, went on a couple of campaign trips with Daddy, and now she is an expert on politics? All she has going for her are big boobs.


    1. Actually, Meghan is one of the few repugs for whom I have respect. She has her own voice, she is intelligent, but she is still young. I have been following her and watching her develop since 2008. She does not toe the party line, and she is not afraid to speak out against the GOP. Calling her a beotch is just juvenile. She isn’t bitchy at all; she has confidence in her own opinions. I respect that; although, I rarely agree with her. Just because someone has a different opinion about the proper direction of the country doesn’t mean that person is stupid or evil. It is a difference of opinion. What matters is that she gets her ducks in a row before speaking her mind rather than spreading rumors and conspiracy theories. She stays focused on the topic, and she will consider dissenting opinions. It is important to not label all Republicans as stupid and evil (even if it is sometimes true). You don’t change minds that way.


  2. So, here she is with her degree in Art History, giving advice on winning elections? Maybe she should take all her expertise to Arizona and help lumpy little Daddy Warbucks win his election. Seems he is in the fight of his life to keep his cushy “do nothing” job. Meghan has her father’s foul mouth, along with his thighs. They say she has “her mother’s eyes and her father’s thighs”


    1. So exactly what do her thighs have to do with ANYTHING on this thread? You are a small-minded, petty person. The redundancy is for emphasis.


  3. @Scarsdale–Are you unable to disagree with a woman without talking about how she looks? Her weight and bra size have nothing to do with the issues she is talking about. And to top that off you call her names. Pathetic and sad.


  4. Malia — Meant to mention a new book for you to read: “Trump Revealed”, based on work by two Washington Post reporters so you know they did their homework and that the results will not flatter Trump:


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