Trump Should Apologize for His Apology!

Smirking and in a tone of defiance, Donald Trump “apologized” for all the things he has said that merit an apology.  He has said so many offensive things it is hard to identify the particular thing for which he is apologizing since he doesn’t bother to name a single thing he said that was offensive.  Trump explains that    “Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing.  ”    In fact the truth is that most of the offensive things he has said were NOT made during a debate, but instead he was giving prepared remarks to an audience of supporters or in interviews with the press.





His “apology” that could easily be interpreted as Trump making a mockery of an apology.  His apology even includes a commentary on his unwillingness to be “politically correct”.    His point is that we don’t have time to be politically correct, so the only thing he is really sorry for is that he might have lost some support as a result of the hateful things he has said.  In other words, he isn’t suggesting that he was wrong in the things that he said, but perhaps he could have made his remarks in a less offensive way.

The truth is that it was not only the way Trump said these hateful remarks that is offensive, it is the substance of the remarks that is even more offensive.  Trump now needs to apologize for his apology.

Trump has a history of being unwilling to apologize, even when given a chance.


In case there is any doubt about Trump’s feelings of contrition, Trump concludes his “apology” with the statement that “I will always tell you the truth.”  It’s as if he is making sure that if anyone perceives his remarks as an apology, he is reminding his audience that if they think he just apologized, he is lying.  To say that he will always tell the truth is itself a bold faced lie.  Today, August 19th the Guardian reports on Trump’s lies told just this past week.

Politifact analyzed his propensity to lie.  They found that Trump lies more than Hillary!  A whopping 81% of the comments he makes are lies!  Thus Donald was telling a lie when he said he apologized.  He isn’t sorry.  He isn’t contrite.    He shows no signs of remorse.  Shame on you Donald Trump for making a mockery of the Presidential campaign in America.  Shame on you Donald Trump for lying about your regrets about anything you have said.
Remember the segment on Jimmy Fallon:

When asked if Trump has ever apologized for anything he’s said, even after making hateful remarks about the black community, the Asian community, women, and the Hispanic community, Trump showed a total lack of remorse.  He said:

“I think apologizing’s a great thing, but you have to be wrong,” he said. “I will absolutely apologize, sometime in the hopefully distant future, if I’m ever wrong.”

trump smirk


9 thoughts on “Trump Should Apologize for His Apology!

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  1. It’s notable that his “apology” was written by someone else and he was reading it off a teleprompter. Sincere he was not. Plus, he smirked at the end. Thanks, Malia, for pointing this out.


  2. In light of the recent statue of him put up in NYC, he’s apologizing for having implied in a debate that there was “no problem” with the size of his member…


  3. Malia – good one! The only reason Trump said something was because he was told to by his new “team” to say something in the form of an apology because he has less than 90 days to get his shit together. He struggled throughout his “apology” speech – his body language was a dead give away! He was twisting and turning, and at the end he was smirking like he had just pulled off the biggest con! It was nothing but a performance given by a guy who thinks he wants to be POTUS, but has no idea what that means. He is like a predator – he will offend again! And, hopefully, when he blurts out the next insult, it will come back and bite his big fat orange ass!


  4. If he can’t put a bridle on his tongue as a candidate he will never be able to put a bridle on his tongue as a president.


  5. In his mind, he’s apologizing for not being perfect. He’s only at 81% dishonesty. So I’m guessing he decided to work toward 100% lies by starting with a phony apology.


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