Sarah Palin’s New Reality Show: “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”

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It’s been 6 months since Sarah Palin signed a deal with Montana-based production company.  The production company, Warm Springs, had the brilliant idea to market Sarah Palin in a reality show as a judge.  Perhaps Warm Springs was surprised that nobody wanted to  fund the show that was supposed to be “reality” when Sarah had never been a judge, or even an attorney.  Perhaps the marketing strategy was flawed?  The notion that Palin had”common sense” and could therefore make fair and insightful decisions was too much of a stretch…especially when Palin kept proving that she lacked any common sense.
Whether it was her endorsement Trump, Track’s domestic violence arrest,or Bristol’s third child born out of wedlock, it is painfully clear that Sarah Palin will never be the star of “Palin Rules.”  Warm Springs could only produce the show if a Network picked it up.  It seems that nobody want to have anything to do with Sarah Palin.  Paul Nehlen certainly got no benefit from her endorsement, and Donald Trump has evidently decided never to appear in public with her again.
A new reality show featuring Palin might be more appropriately named:  “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.”

Sarah Palin’s Courtroom Show: 5 Facts You Need To Know



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  1. Or perhaps the trouble brewing in near future? Mr. Trump was briefed today with the trusted advisors in tow, Christie and Flynn. It is said that he was briefed and informed of a HUGE, BIG, GIANT Russian controled cpusa conspiracy involving him, his circus of a campaign and the irks around the outhouse. Mr Trump has now declined briefings stating they cannot be trusted. Whew!! cisco.


    Dear “Conservatives4Palin” –
    In reading the first paragraph of this article, please address the following intentional lies:
    1. There is no Governor Palin in any of the 50 States.
    2. The “different standard” (she is held accountable to) is that, for example, she said she would get back to Katie about the newspapers she reads – and then she didn’t. Sarah’s part in all this, is that Sarah said she would get back to Katie, and then Sarah didn’t. There is no different standard.


  3. O/T: Malia, not on here much as you know. From MRIs. my husband of 33 years, got results back today and looks like MS in the brain. He is a year younger than us, and here we go. Your humor and incessant sleuthing for the truth to take the corruption in this country down, amidst your personal struggle with the same, just shot you to star status in my book. Keep on keeping on, girl! You are AMAZING.


      1. Thank you for the e-mail with links and contact info, Malia, it is SO greatly appreciated! We’ll see how his appointment goes tomorrow and if there is, in fact, a solid diagnosis. ! think the world of you!


  4. Hi Malia! I grew up in Montana. Warm Springs, Montana is the home of the State psychiatric hospital and it’s sordid history qualifies it as a true looney bin. Maybe quitter gov. has dodged a bullet this time! ha ha


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