Trig is One of Bristol’s “Babes”

If there is one topic that has dominated the blog-osphere regarding Sarah Palin, it is the suspicion surrounding the birth mother of Trig.  If there is one thing that Sarah and Bristol would be careful about, it would be any suggestion or indication that Trig is Bristol’s child, instead of her brother.   The posting of the identical picture on Sarah’s Facebook page, and Bristol’s Instagram is quite revealing. Bristol posted this picture with a caption ““First day of 2nd grade for my babes!!”


bristol my babes!


Sarah posted the same picture on her Facebook page with the note:  “First day of school! It’s still quite the “event” even after all those other “First Day of School!” times with our big kids. God bless all America’s students & teachers as we kick off the new school year!”  At a minimum, Sarah didn’t use Trig’s name.  More revealing, is the fact that she refers to her grandkids as “our big kids.”

It seems painfully obvious that Bristol is tired of the charade.  She owes it to Trig to claim him as her own.  Making reference to “MY BABES” is the closest she’s come to admitting that Trig is her son.  In the past I’ve characterized Bristol’s behavior toward her mother as passive aggressive.    Consider the possibility that now that Bristol is married, and her husband holds views different than Sarah’s, that this may be the beginning  of the end for Sarah.

funny baby suspicious

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  1. She may as well tell the truth after all this time. Wouldn’t it just be easier to tell the truth for a change for all of them? I don’t know how people can keep secrets like this. Must be exhausting.

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      1. You’re complained about being tired of remembering trivial things about a stranger’s life? That may be the closest anyone here has come to admitting you have a mental illness where you act like you know people you do not. Normal people don’t remember stranger’s birthdays. Why would they? There are people who have no idea how many kids Sarah has? Why? Because the average person’s own life is rife with complications/drama and tons of info to keep up with. Me personally, I have 21 cousins and I JUST now, at 37, sat down and wrote out their birthdays. Took me about 45 minutes and a few texts to confirm. And we’re a pretty close family spread out over 4 states.


    1. I think its time you leave Sarah and Bristol alone. Do you remember all of the names of dogs in a litter 8 years ago? Of course not who could keep track.

      Do you think Todd/god can keep track of all the sex workers in the last container shipment from bekibekistan? It would be impossible.

      We are about to go into breeding season and it would be nice to focus on who the potential fathers could be not kids names and bs about who the mother is etc. Who is the mother? It is not important, they are not the ones who pay child support?

      Dr. meoff and and the animal husbandry department are working on a noninvasive branding system for birthing season. Tracking the herds of children will be much easier.

      Focus people.


  2. Bristol’s eldest daughter should be starting school now. Wonder who is claiming her as a dependent? Could be some fishy tax stuff to uncover if there never was an official adoption,


    1. I agree, but she could have said “TriG’s older siblings”.
      But she can’t cause Sarah’s older 4 aren’t technically his siblings, are they Scarah? More llike Aunts and Oncle.
      Speaking of uncles, where is warrior body Track lol?


  3. Also, When Sarah wrote “big kids” she was clearly referring to years ago when her oldest, not independent 3 were in elementary school.


      1. You were right the first time–“not independent”. All takers from the idiots searching their couch cushions for enough money to send to Screech.


    1. @primeop/with an n/nitwit YOU don’t know any of the Palins, so stop your insane rants about them. You are still mooching off of Linda and James Mangelsdorf at 1050 bella vista. Try getting a life instead of waiting around for an inheritance. You have earned nothing, chubby.



  4. I was sure Bristol would post a picture of the “kids” starting school today. I believe they attend Cottonwood Creek. The picture of Tripp’s head, photoshopped on some other child, with the front tooth darkened, is an old picture of him.

    Is there really a Tripp Johnston Palin enrolled in school in Wasilla? In a recent picture of Tripp in his soccer uniform, no Palins in the picture, the medallion on his shirt was blurred out. It was white all around the edge. The Wasilla Children’s Soccer League’s medallion, has a black ring around the edge. Sure makes ‘ya wonder.

    BTW, for a reminder, here’s a picture of Tripp Brtistol posted early last summer. The pictures they post of him alone, are not photoshopped. It seems they only have to do this when they try to incorporate him along with a Palin, Johnston or someone else.


    1. Great info, Ginger! Don’t forget the carefully darkened pic Bristol posted on Instagram of ” newborn Sailor” with older brother Tripp bending over her lovingly. Clearly a much younger pic of Tripp, and the infant was the mysterious DWTS infant girl, Tristan or whomever. MALOE told us in advance Bristol was going to use a very old pic because of Sailor’s in photogenic mouth sore; sure enough, that weird, time travel photo of a very young Tripp and a baby girl shows up right after.


  5. Poor Trig. As if the little fellow doesn’t have enough problems, someone gave him a haircut that looks like it came out of a North Korean barber shop . . . a Kim Jong-Il special!!!


  6. That is the strangest looking photo. If child services saw it they would bring Tripp in for an MRI. He has severe scoliosis to the point where his head and neck are not connected to his spine. He also seems to have microcephaly, probably from mom’s Zika. His head is far too small for his age.

    If you are going to photoshop, make sure the head and neck are in line with the spine. The editor moved Tripp’s head over too far, so she/he could fit Bristol’s head into the photo. One other oddity, why is Tripp carrying a shoe to school if he already has a pair on his feet? Do Alaskans have shoe blowouts in the rough terrain?


    1. While I agree that all things Palin have an element of hinkiness to them, there is probably a simple explanation to the carried shoes: some schools request that children keep a dedicated pair of gym shoes at school (eliminates the “I can’t do gym because I’m wearing sandals {or whatever inappropriate shoe}!” excuse). My son’s elementary school did that one year (new gym floor), and made a lot of parents rather upset with the additional expense.

      On a side note, congrats Malia on getting some traction on your investigation after so many years’ hard work!


    2. Most of the Alaska schools have “indoor shoes” policies. The kids bring shoes the first day and they stay in their lockers or cubbies for the rest of the year. This keeps snow and mess from getting tracked into the classrooms on their boots. I don’t recall when they started it but it was after someone decided that classrooms needed to be carpeted.


  7. Malia –
    Lie “2 d.”, which you referenced in your post on February 13 2014, has seemingly been forgotten by Sarah, with respect to Sarah’s support for Trump, who, now two years after your post, has gone beyond and kind of disrespect for our troops that anyone could have ever imagined anyone would ever say about anyone at any time.

    Is Hockey Mom that Willfully Blind?? (question demands no response)


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