Republicans Plead to Put a Finger (two in Trump’s case) in the Dike!!!

trump's hands

One finger of Donald Trump may not be big enough to plug the dike!  Republicans, more than 120 of them, are pleading with the Republican Party to plug the dike.


120 Republicans are pleading with the GOP to stop funding the Trump campaign.  “Given the catastrophic impact that Donald Trump’s losing presidential campaign will have on down-ballot Senate and House races, we urge you to immediately suspend all discretionary RNC support for Trump and focus the entirety of the RNC’s available resources on preserving the GOP’s congressional majorities.” The appeal was initiated because “Trump’s chances of winning in November are “evaporating by the day.”  The only remaining question is whether the GOP has the fortitude to stop the leak and plug the hole…forever.

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16 thoughts on “Republicans Plead to Put a Finger (two in Trump’s case) in the Dike!!!

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  1. Businessmen need to step up and make a case against Trump. The Wall Street Journal, a business oriented newspaper, led the charge. Trump s campaigning as a businessman. He creates the impression that all business men are sexist, prejudiced, thin skinned, self centered, and very childish.


  2. Malia –

    Twenty (20) days and counting to the 2nd Anniversary of The Palin Family Brawl (original air date September 06, 2014).

    We hope you have a special post planned!
    Thanks in advance.


    1. bookooball,
      YOu’re wrong. Trump is actually paying himself millions of dollars out of campaign donations.
      According to the report, the money has gone toward paying his office’s rent in his own building ($1.3 million), paying for food and facilities at his own properties ($544,000), and even his own corporate staffers ($333,000) who perform campaign-related functions, such as his personal head of security. According to Politico, F.E.C. filings also revealed a $1,300 expense for his bottled-water company, Trump Ice; $432,000 for catering, facilities, and putting up the campaign at his resort Mar-a-Lago; and $6 million for the use of Trump’s plane, the largest expense in their filings.


      1. The link you provided is opinions, linking to opinions, linking to more opinions, with lots of figures and name dropping, but no solid evidence proving any of it. Even if it were true, it isn’t as bad as a tempermental woman suffering psychosis and a trail of dead bodies behind her. I’m not saying Trump is perfect, but the lesser of two evils by a long shot.


      2. The Federal Bureau of Investigation… and every video where she loses her cool.

        She is a military industrial complex puppet, just like Obama… though you liberals are all too busy virtue signaling by voting for blacks and women to actually see that.

        Here’s a small taste… but there is plenty more:


      3. bookooball,
        I never pretended that Hillary hasn’t lied. Her actions and remarks are obviously untruthful and irresponsible. However that has nothing to do with your suggestion that Trump is funding his own campaign. All too often people who support Trump cite Hillary’s lies as justification for supporting Trump. He is a liar too, and my next post will demonstrate just how bad he is. We are faced with the difficult position of supporting the lesser of two evils, and I find the clear winner of that contest is Hillary.


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