The Wall Street Journal Advocates Dump Trump NOW

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50 GOP officials warned that Donald Trump would jeopardize the safety and security of our country.  Another 40 top Republican leaders have declared that they will NOT support Trump.  Now the Wall Street Journal has called upon Trump to either change or drop out.  Trump responded in his usual bombastic way with a defiant NO!  In case the Republican party had not previously been embarrassed enough by the pompous unconstitutional, bigoted, rhetoric of Donald Trump, Trump has recently made it impossible for his party to pretend that he stands for Republican values.  He has made racists remarks about Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims.  He has demonstrated his total lack of respect for women.  He has attacked a Gold Star family.  He has declared that our President founded ISIS.  He has advocated the assassination of Hillary.  His promotion of Vladimir Putin has become even more problematic due to the recent revelation that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was on secret ledgers showing cash payments designated to him of more than $12 million from a Ukrainian political party with close ties to Russia.

If Trump cared about the Republican party he would drop out now.  If he doesn’t there can be only one conclusion.  Trump is the example of everything wrong with politics in America.  When politicians begin to compromise American values, to support the candidate of their party, their political party becomes un-American.  If the Republican Party will EVER recover from the damage Trump has done, the will follow the advice of the Wall Street Journal, and DUMP TRUMP NOW!

trump kills gop

15 thoughts on “The Wall Street Journal Advocates Dump Trump NOW

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  1. Trump is a vulgar man whose mouth is ahead of his brain. If one reads between the lines in this video, it seems Trump is already bracing for a loss. Who cares if he ‘forgives’ voters in several states where he might lose: it’s called a democracy so they get to vote the way their conscience dictates. (And I say with a sigh, given how poorly the U.S. voter actually checks on policy platforms vs. just listening to unverified sound bytes on national news.)

    The key thing is that we improve the voter turnout rate (and cut the gibberish about voter fraud, which is code for ‘we don’t want minorities to vote’). The U.S. lags MANY developed countries in turnout for presidential years:

    That’s why this fall I’m putting my money on reclaiming the Senate, which we need for sensible SCOTUS nominees, and on turning out the vote in states where voter suppression is a nasty Sate Government game.


  2. The Repubs may not be able to convince Donnybrook to exit stage left gracefully, but in the interim they have managed to keep him sedated with some kind of chemical stun-gun. He was dulled and coasting way under the speed limit in today’s ISIS repeat performance to a massive crowd of between 30-50.

    Maybe, just maybe the Russians sent him a dozen black roses.


  3. The WSJ is sooooo wrong. The Donald leads Hillary in the polls by triple digits, contrary to what the unfair liberal news media says. He draws yuuuge crowds of hard-working real Americans to his rallies. He barricaded himself in Trump Tower when Obama invaded Afghanistan. He wasn’t a co-founder of ISIS. He wasn’t born in Kenya, or even Hawaii. He isn’t a minion of the Prince of Darkness. He shuns political correctness. He worships dictators and tyrants, both living a dead. Every day he throws a new Molotov cocktail while the fire from yesterday’s is still burning. What will tomorrow bring?


  4. Can you imagine how the GOP are scrambling to tamp him down? Even queenie in Alaska doesn’t post about him anymore. One has to protect their “stellar” reputation, while the pee pond are wearing their prayer beads 24/7.


  5. WSJ is a business oriented newspaper. They are making a preventive move to keep Trump from destroying the image of normal, ethical business executives. Trump is building a huge, negative image of the average business person, bigoted, sexist, hustler, temperamental, sexual predator, childish, spoiled rich kid. The more he is allowed to act out, the worse business people will look. He is running on a business vs. public servant platform. He is creating a new image of the business person. The Wall Street Journal is saying “He is not one of us.”


  6. wonder what the donald’s reaction will be when ivanka tells him that roger ask her to come over and sit on his lap to discuss erection strategy? probably something like “oh honey, you probably misunderstood. i have asked him to advise us on election strategy”.


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