Millennials Are Too Smart to Vote for Trump


It is just possible that Donald Trump will Make America Great Again.

trump make america great with women

However he may not do it by getting elected.  He may bring America together by uniting people in a common effort to defeat him.  Many Republicans, independents, and Democrats agree that a Donald Trump presidency would ensure the end of our country.  From nuclear war to evisceration of the U.S. Constitution, a Trump Presidency is the greatest threat to our country since the Civil War.  The outrage of millennials in the election season is a measure of the danger of a Trump presidency.  Young people are notorious for being “all throat and no vote.”  However Trump may inspire them to turn out and vote.  If so Trump’s loss will be epic.  Young people tend to be liberal.  More than 80% of voters under age 30, voted for Bernie Sanders.

Millennials are the most educated generation in American history, by both total degrees and share of college graduates.

It is Trump’s unbridled bigotry that is most offensive to millennials.  One young voter explained: “I get worried about the bigoted element of our country, and that they will stick with Trump regardless of his stupidity.”   If the trend continues, the Democratic Party will have scored double-digit victories among younger voters in three consecutive elections, the first time that has happened since such data became readily available in 1952. That could shape the political affiliations of the largest generation in American history for years to follow.

In the new survey, half of those under 35 say they identify with or lean toward the Democrats; just 20% identify with or lean toward the Republicans. Seventeen percent are independents, and another 12% either identify with another party or don’t know.  Trump’s weakness among younger voters is unprecedented, lower even than the 32% of the vote that the Gallup Organization calculates Richard Nixon received among 18-to-29-year-old voters in 1972, an era of youthful protests against the Vietnam War.


Thus Donald Trump may inspire young people to vote in numbers we haven’t ever seen.    Current estimates are that there are 75.4 Million Millennials in America.    In 2012 an estimated 126 million people voted.    Thus the Millennial vote could account for over half of the voters in the 2016 election, and could determine the outcome. However the gender gap in this election may be the greatest ever.  Some would say that it is because a woman is on the ticket.  However that wasn’t enough in 2008 to carry the election for Hillary.  The fact is that Trump is so offensive to women, that most women would vote for anyone opposing Donald Trump.  It is speculated that at least 56% of the overall vote in 2016 will be female.  It is estimated that over 14 million more women will vote than will men.  Only 29% of women have even a “somewhat favorable opinion of Trump.”

women voters-demos win

The combination of Millennials and women voting should be a clear indication that the loss of Donald Trump in 2016 will be unprecedented.  It is therefore not surprising that Trump is already starting to make excuses for his loss.  It doesn’t take a political expert to see that Donald Trump has proceeded to alienate women, Millenials, Blacks, Hispanics, the Disabled, the Military, and Muslim Americans.  Trump will be left with only a few old white men voting for him.

old white men

They might stay home for fear their spouse will poison their dinner if they vote for Trump!



7 thoughts on “Millennials Are Too Smart to Vote for Trump

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  1. I don’t believe the millennials I know will vote for Hillary either….her warhawk ideas and inability to be genuinely honest is a no deal for the millennials. We may be seeing a rise in Jill Stein or who knows, in a perfect world, Hillary could be indicted for selling arms to ISIL, for selling favors for huge donations to the CF, lying to congress, and unable to run for POTUS and that puts Sanders back into play. One can only hope and wish.


      1. I think Hillary will win. The Ds have already made sure she is the nominee despite Bernie’s popularity with GOOD people. We’ve just got to make sure we don’t drop the ball in following her every move as President. While the media may not be TOO afraid to write negative things about her, the suspicious deaths of people trying to uncover a rigged election (emails prove it) definitely make some people hesitant.


  2. Millennials and moral democrats are desperately hoping enough people for Gary that it fucks up diabolical Hillary’s quest for power.


  3. I am the father of two millennials and I’m amazed at their awareness and insight. In grade school these kids were aware of the BS that is our political system and corporate news. They ask me why I allowed businesses and wealthy people to take over the government. The only answer I have is look at how many Americans take time to vote, how many sit it out. They do not use corporate media for their “news.” They go to uncensored and international sites for their news. The media and government spin doctors are in for a surprise. The millennials won’t buy their stories. False flags won’t work.
    My millennials are amazed that their retired dad does research and finds the facts and science that contradict the media stories.


  4. It is interesting to go back and read the blogs and comments from the late summer and early fall. And yet somehow, the living nightmare has come true. Who didn’t turn out like we thought they would? What the hell happened to make this absolute horror of man become president?


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