Palin /chip eater 2016-Donate Your Common-cents Today!

Painchipeater hasn’t told us who he is, but he left a message on the blog:
“This ass clown is a copycat. I have been climbing up the sides of buildings for as long as I can remember. Creepy chucks and I did watergate in minutes.

I also climbed trump tower the same day this guy did. Todd was having fun he put lard on my suction cups.


(I think he was talking about suction cups that Michael Phelps was using.)

phelps cupping one  phelps cupping two

Then it occurred to me that maybe Todd has developed a different type of cupping…and that explains the two colors. But I digress.


When I fell from the 30thstory it actually straitened out my back. He cured a small case of rigamortise I contracted in the Spanish American war of 1812 or something.

I am excited. I am now in charge of the palin for pres campaign 2016. It’s going to be assume. Todd said if I could raise 50k I could be vice squad president.

Palin /chip eater 2016

If you could help me raise some money it would be nice. That’s all I have to say about that.”

I am raising money for Painchipeater’s campaign.  Just imagine the next four years with Painchipeater in the White House!  Never a dull moment.  Send your donations to “Palin/chip eater 2016” at the address on their web site.  If if you can’t find an address for the campaign, keep the money, and have fun with your vacuum cleaner instead.  Make America smile again:   PALIN / CHIP EATER 2016!



7 thoughts on “Palin /chip eater 2016-Donate Your Common-cents Today!

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  1. This campaign really has a groin swell. Bristol will handle all inquiries because she is and always will be in charge of pubic relations.( Until she get old and bald ).

    Todd is the minister of Da fence. He is going to build a wall just like the fence he built on the side of his yard with his buddies that fell over at the first wind.

    This is a sencimilla grass roots campaign. our voter base that are not in a graveyard will help this soilent green party elect us.

    We don’t really need a ton of money. Actually we can’t take money because of the sarah pac audit coming. So show your support with threats and violence to anyone else running against our ticket.

    May todd be with you.


  2. Hi Malia – I sent you a picture on FB regarding the pregnancy – let me know if you received it and I have a few more to share. I’m interested in your opinion!


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