The Insanity of a Trump Supporter Who Climbed Trump Tower

This is the video of a man that planned to climb Trump tower.



This is the video of the same man climbing Trump Tower.


Imagine the insanity of any person supporting Donald Trump!  WAtching this man in each video conveys one image…that of a mentally ill person willing to do anything to get Donald Trump’s attention.

It makes this video even more frightening!!!  Imagine what this guy might do if climbing Trump Tower didn’t result in the kind of attention he wanted!




7 thoughts on “The Insanity of a Trump Supporter Who Climbed Trump Tower

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  1. Malia
    This ass clown is a copycat. I have been climbing up the sides of buildings for as long as I can remember. Creepy chucks and I did watergate in minutes.

    I also climbed trump tower the same day this guy did. Todd was having fun he put lard on my suction cups. When I fell from the 30thstory it actually straitened out my back. He cured a small case of rigamortise I contracted in the Spanish American war of 1812 or something.

    I am excited. I am now in charge of the palin for pres campaign 2016. It’s going to be assume. Todd said if I could raise 50k I could be vice squad president.

    Palin /chip eater 2016

    If you could help me raise some money it would be nice. That’s all I have to say about that.

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    1. The campaign is going well we had a fund raiser this morning. “Donuts and hasish breakfeast club”we charged 30 bucks a seat and 60 bucks a couch. Todd is brilliant he also rented crack pipes and crack torches to help raise funds.

      We made 1500 bucks plus we got a few hundred bullets and a couple of handfuls of geritol and OxyContin.

      Sarah showed up in a robe and sunglasses. She forgot her wig. She looked like an anorexic yoda gahndi. I like the new look.

      Bristol gave tours of the kid kennels and the conception benches. She really is a tag team player.

      Back to work. I have to finish the diner life insurance paperwork for the doners and water the gas tanks on their planes.


      1. Painchipeater,
        You are simply amazing! You keep us laughing, and the beauty of your humor is that SARAH probably doesn’t even understand what we are talking about!


  2. So how many public servants risked their lives to get him safely off the building? All he thinks about is himself and what he wants. Totally ignores the fact that he put a half dozen lives at risk. Sounds like Trump logic.


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