Palin, Gosar,and Trump Are Each Motivated by Self-Interest

Paul Gosar used to be a dentist who tried to help patients in pain.  Sarah Palin tried to sooth pain of her kids when they scrapped their knees before she became Mayor of Wasilla.  Years later both Palin and Gosar are doing their best to inflict pain.  Instead of making America great again,they are willing to inflict pain in the American people.  If they perceive that something will help them personally, it seems they are willing to act contrary to the best interest of the country.  Let me give some specific examples:

Sarah Palin traveled to Texas to endorse Ted Cruz.  His election to the U.S. Senate resulted in a complete shut down of the government which cost America 24 Billion Dollars. 

palin cruz hugpalin cruz at rally

Who could forget Palin’s endorsement of the candidate who plagiarized a speech of President Obama?

Thus Melania Trump’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech would be insignificant to Sarah Palin.


Who could forget Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump.  Trump incites violence?

Who could forget Palin’s endorsement of the candidate that mocked the disabled after she declared herself to be the champion of special needs kids?


In fact as Governor of Alaska, she cut the budget for special needs kids by 62%.  Thus you can understand why she doesn’t mind if Trump mocks the disabled.

Sarah Palin has gone on the offensive once again.  Now she attacks Republicans who might oppose the candidate she supports in Arizona primary race between Republican State Rep. Ray STrauss, and Republican Paul Gosar.     Palin endorses Gosar.  But that should come as no surprise as she has ties to Gosar that can be traced back to her days in Alaskan politics 7 years ago.

In Jan of 2011 it was reported that Palin’s endorsement of Paul Gosar helped him win a seat in Congress as a representative of Arizona.  After winning the election Gosar, a retired dentist, named Rob Robinson as his chief of staff.  Coincidentally, Robinson had been a dentist in Wasilla Alaska.    It was Robinson who introduced Gosar to Sarah Palin.  Upon the election of Gosar, Robinson left Wasilla to be Gosar’s treasurer and chief of staff.  Thus it appears Sarah Palin’s interest in the Arizona election is much more about promoting people indebted to her and not about making American great again!

Consider the “contributions” of Gosar to making America Great Again:

“The longer he’s in office, the bolder and more brazen Paul Gosar seems to be, hanging out with racists, if not just saying racist things himself while voting against every bill that would potentially affect the lives of women in a positive light. Hopefully he will, one day soon, return to his dentistry practice, where he can get rid of people’s toothaches, instead of being a consistent pain in the *** for all of America.”  
palin neck

It seems to me that both Paul Gosar and Sarah Palin share a similar view of life in America.  They both are motivated by self interest regardless of the damage done to America. Their view of making America great again is whatever might make them rich again.  It seems that motivation is the tie that binds them to Donald Trump.  Trump doesn’t really care what damage he is doing to America.  His campaign is accomplishing one goal.  He’s increasing his personal wealth as a result of his run for President.

trump money can't buy

Trump has figured out how to profit not by becoming president but merely by declaring himself a candidate—fulfilling his own prediction from 16 years ago, when he was running as the candidate of the tiny Reform Party, and told Fortune magazine: “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”  The documented expenses that Trump has billed to his campaign are outrageous and clearly designed to funnel money to Trump family and businesses.  Trump doesn’t want to win the election.  He only wants to run for office so that he can funnel more money to his businesses and promote the Trump name.


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  1. Oh yes. Carpetbagger gosar has his sign down the street. The local county republicans draw new district lines to rig the votes. He is a tea bag. He moves where he can rig or win. This area/county has the good ol boy network of teabags, constitutional sheriffs and backwoods militias. Many democrats and independents live in Sedona, flagstaff, verde valley too. But the stronghold of old redneck republicans aka McCain has home here too. This has prevented new people from getting elected for years Same old controlling state, county city republicans like mcnut…There are challengers this election to many republican seats….I always ask for paper ballot and want a receipt of my vote. And they laugh (: but I’m serious, I want a receipt with number of ballot.


  2. Yes. Having a dental problem in gosar state is dangerous. Don’t complain to the az dental board or you will be victimized again after the lousy costly dental work.


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