Trump Accuses Obama of Being the Founder of ISIS

Trump said Obama was the founder of ISIS.  FOUR times he repeated that Obama was the founder of ISIS.


Hugh Hewitt asked Trump if he really intended to say that the President is the founder of ISIS.  AT 15:32 Hewitt gave Trump a chance to say what he really meant.  Trump repeatedly said that he meant what he said!




Fox News gave Trump a chance to explain his views, but he failed:



Now he claims that he was being sarcastic.  However Trump has previously claimed that we should get out of Iraq.


If anyone you know doesn’t realize how dangerous Trump is, ask them to watch  these videos.  WE should disavow any American who links our President with ISIS.  We should campaign against any candidate running for President who claims that President Obama is the founder of ISIS.

isis peter kassig

6 thoughts on “Trump Accuses Obama of Being the Founder of ISIS

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  1. It seems obvious that Oboma is the leader if ISIS. the governor of the state of Russia can’t be wrong.

    Comrade trump is parakeeting the govenors factual opinion of lies.

    Oboma has been under the protection of homeboy security for two long. He needs to face the gitanamouse problems this country about faces.

    Trump is the man for the job. “IS IS” “WHAT WHAT” “WHO WHO” what ever you call the bastards trump can save us. If he is elected the supreme commander of ISIS all of our problems will be solved.

    Think of a simple place, that glowing ember of a city on a hill. Trump will lead us for 40 years across a nuclear fallout desert to the promised land.

    By the mercy of todd/god and saint sarah trump is the only choice. Trump-Putin 2016


  2. He is nothing but a slum Lord. My friend was a kid when her p parents rented. Roaches, exposed wires. All kinds of problems. But the Trumps got their rent without fulfilling their duty to their tenants. That’s the lesson Donny learned. Run from him.


    1. Trini,
      He is all about him. He doesn’t care about the extent to which he takes advantage of people and leaves a path of devastation in his wake.


  3. ahhh….here’s who’s voting for Trump (took a minute or two to find one of these creatures)

    ps. the sun-bleached blonde in the grey shirt in the background needs to use her Obamacare benefits for a necessary breast reduction.


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