No Milk Curds for You Sarah Palin!


Just a few days ago, Jake Tapper interviewed Sarah Palin.  She said, “Paul Ryan’s career over.  He’s been “Cantored”.”  Ryan probably considered that “the most ringing endorsement possible?”  Imagine the thrill of being  hated by this tremendous group of terrible people.

Maybe Palin hadn’t read all the polls that showed Ryan leading Nehlen by a margin of 70%!!  It isn’t clear if voters were offended by Nehlen’s political ideologies, his tattoos, or his skull and crossbones sleeveless shirt!


paul nehlen

You’d think that Breitbart would have called Palin and warned her not to make a fool of herself.  I guess she wasn’t answering the phone.  As predicted Ryan won the Wisconsin primary by a 70% margin.  (THanks to Jason for thelink!)

This is proof that Palin has NO power of persuasion any longer. She is a total failure!  If she wants to make money now she’ll have to submit her videos to a you tube “failure” web site.


Paul Ryan celebrated his victory with his supporters by ordering cheese curds and beer for his supporters.  He didn’t order any for Sarah.

wisconsin dairy state



5 thoughts on “No Milk Curds for You Sarah Palin!

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  1. Malia,
    What a giant kick in the ass for her! Why is she so interested in someone ( a conservative) losing their job?? I think that she is monstrously jealous of Paul Ryan !


  2. My first take on the above picture of Nehlen is “Uffda! Feda namen meda meda mai!” which is some kind of Norwegian exclamation.

    Generational Norwegians in this part of the Midwest really cannot offer a translation but it is part shock, part admonishment, and the closest these hearty Lutherans will come to swearing!

    I just took a second look and went, “Holy shit! You gotta’ be kidding.”
    Does that guy personify a Trump fan or what?

    Sarah really knows how to pick ’em.


  3. I have to agree with Sarah of course. I liked Ryan when he was a kid and was on the Adams Family. Eddie Munster showed how a child should act with a family similar to sarahs.

    Just because he is a famous actor does not mean he should get elected. He has never even done a reality show? What would happen to him if he gets voted off the island or gets fired?

    We need experience in Washington like trump, sarah and putin. Common sensamilia conservatives who know reality and stuff.


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