Malia Appears on Fox News!

In an ironic moment, Fox News invited me to appear for a national news broadcast.They didn’t ask me about Sarah Palin, but they did mention Rebuttal to the Rogue.

rebuttal to the rogue

Here’s the interview.



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  1. Hi Malia,
    I caught the FOX News interview this morning and thought you looked awfully familiar . I googled and saw I was right , we carpooled to OUCN back in the day. Fun to see what you’ve been up to , and I won’t say I am surprised !


    1. OMFG Malia! Did Palin shit bricks when she saw this? When they asked you Why I thought you were going to spill it!! OMG! Great Job Malia! Although no doubt Roger Ailes already KNOWS this info, he probably has it hanging over sarah’s big head.
      I thought you were going to spill, I really did!!


    2. Malia, OMFG! I thought you were going to spill the beans right on FN! I bet Palin was shitting bricks!
      I thought you were going to say it, when she asked “why did you do this”!
      Great Job! I’m sure they will want you back! You can really spill the bean then!


      1. Malia, sorry for double comment, when I try to comment from twitter and then log into WP b/c it doesn’t show this happens. Sorry. The other day when Trump threatened Hillary, I totally thought of this investigation when he wasn’t immediately arrested! Just think of all the Ho’s Todd is supplying to the campaign and Secret Service on Trumps dime?
        That’s why he was arrested on the spot. The “Culture of Corruption”. I really worry for the safety of POTUS and Hillary.


      2. Malia, thanks to Sarah, POTUS has been and still is under threat and the whole family. When he comes into town I never hear about it until he leaves! I’m sure Hillary is under extreme security also, but its horrible with these people spewing h8 all the time for 24 hrs over and over and when they are called on it, blame the “media”?! I am extremely worried for POTUS and Hillary and her family.
        Especially after this investigation. Is there a way we can look at the docs or at the DDN site only?
        Malia so proud of you! “Well if I don’t do it…WHO WILL”?! That was AWESOME!!!!


  2. WOW! Great interview, you hardly let her get a word in edgewise. Was that Van Sustern?

    Hopefully you will get enough revenue from the book to partially offset the legal fees.

    Now, on to bigger and better networks. Get some rest. I know this took a lot out of you.


  3. Of all the places I would have guessed you would not EVER appear… it was Fox news. So glad that you were given a wide platform and you did so well in explaining the FOIA obstruction to the requests and corrupt culture.

    Red is a power color and you wear it beautifully so maybe they did not want to start with any “liberal” labeling!
    Pretty heady stuff! Go Malia!

    p.s. I love that you do not have weird flags, dead animals and faux rock faux fireplaces in the background. Also contrast the fact that you present yourself in well tailored clothing instead of off the shoulder cocktail attire..

    You are the patriot!


  4. Malia, more exposure of the USSS ‘Culture of Corruption’ by both conservative and liberal news media should greatly help crack the ginormous Secret Service cover-up!!!


    1. John,
      I still trying to get another show to cover this because there is so much more to tel l than what can be told in 5 minutes.


    1. Jaon,
      Thanks for your support! It means a lot that people realize how hard and expensive this fight has been! A woman from the Dallas area sent me a hand written thank you note who I don’t even know! This is how we can make America great again, by getting rid of the corruption in our government! Imagine the cost savings and how much more we could accomplish if we didn’t have to waste time and money fighting corruption!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Malia – Wow, you were great! Never imagined Fox would call for an interview, but it’s a start. Hope other news outlets get in touch and you get more that 5 minutes the next time! .

    P.S. I agree with Laurensd1 – you look great in red. 🙂

    Stay safe!


    1. Sharon,
      Thanks for the support, and I hope this is only the beginning, not the end. There is so much more to say, and there should be a way to make people aware.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow. Congratulations Malia! Hopefully, more networks will invite you on to tell the whole story. You Go Girl! So glad the story is finally getting out there.


      1. Malia, I thought Congress DID have a hearing?! That was when DarrylIssa & John McCain dropped the ball when the 08 Palin-Pimping connection came in? Or am I mistaken?
        I am so proud of you, going into the “Belly of the beast”!!! Fox news! Wow!


  7. Well done Malia Litman. We Americans do thank you. Please try to find a tactful way to help Shailey Tripp and help her reputatuon. The Fox News link didn’t work for me but maybe in the background story you can mention how you came to try to get the information about the Secret Service? Many of us are so proud of you. I don’t want to take away from the mighty sword you’re weilding. Most importantly the information is starting to come out. But when and if you can please find a way to vindicate Shailey Tripp and her book Boys Will be Boys about the government corruption and cover up to keep the public from finding out about the Secret Service and the Palin’s involvement in prostitution.


  8. You rock, Malia! I am so appreciative that you pursued this so relentlessly. You must have some pitbull in your DNA! You are awesome!


  9. Malia I am sorry I missed the interview. Todd and his ss goons locked me in the trunk again.

    I have an interview later today at ailes new office. He wants me to wear a gimp suit and a ball in my mouth for some reason.

    I will help explain your story and how you are helping to save todd/gods reputation. Its time to get these ss bastards to pay. You shold see the ss bill for all the hookers and drugs.

    Gotta go I think someone is opening the trunk.


  10. Malia, glad you linked to the interview, as in the normal course of events, I wouldn’t have seen it. You did a great job on this whole investigation and the interview was very clear. Suprisingly, the moderator was quite respectful; I think she was truly impressed with your dedication.

    This is such an important issue, not only because corruption is so sleazy, but these agents are supposed to protect important government figures, including POTUS. All the sexual escapades on company time are disgusting, but that also means they are not doing their job, scouting out risky situations or working out tricky timing for events. They are in charge of the safety of so many other human beings.

    I think TV viewers will appreciate the situation and take it much more seriously if they are reminded that such neglect on the set-up trips could mean disaster for our Government personnel or other dignitaries.
    Good Job!


    1. physicsmom,
      Thank you for your kind words! I am working with people from the House Oversight Committee, to make sure they know about all of this.


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