Trump Declares Women to be “Unstable, Insane, and Lacking Equilibrium.” The Best Way to Eliminate a Woman is to Shoot HER!

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“When Hillary and Donald were born, women were perceived differently than today.  Hillary has worked all her life to fight against those stereotypes.  Donald Trump is working hard to bring women back to the 40’s.  Trump attacked her by saying that she is:  unstable, insane and lacking the equilibrium required to be an effective president.

Trump’s comments tap into ancient, malignant and metastasized notions about women which continue to shape what happens when women take on leadership roles. Donald Trump just described Clinton as crazy and or unable to regulate her emotions in a way that will diminish her capacity to lead and protect the country.   Some speculate that Trump,if elected, will choose Janis Lane as the chairwoman of the president’s council on women.  Ms. Lane explains that women, are just too emotionally unstable and untrustworthy for the franchise. Yes, you read that right: The person making the case against women’s suffrage is Central Mississippi Tea Party President Janis Lane, herself a beneficiary of the 19th Amendment.

It’ funny that we have seen Hillary in action, working under intense pressure.

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Donald Trump, on the other hand, seems to be totally unstable.  He actually suggested that they way to keep Hillary out of the White House is to prevent that by using guns!!!

18 thoughts on “Trump Declares Women to be “Unstable, Insane, and Lacking Equilibrium.” The Best Way to Eliminate a Woman is to Shoot HER!

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    “Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut, who supports increased gun control measures, tweeted: “Don’t treat this as a political misstep. It’s an assassination threat, seriously upping the possibility of a national tragedy & crisis.”


  2. This 2nd Amendment remark is FAR from funny (even though he is already claiming this as humor). It’s seditious and terrifying, given some of the loonies in his supporter base. I hope the Secret Service or FBI has a serious sit-down with Donald ASAP.

    The good news part of this latest rant is that Trump has undone whatever temperate impression he left yesterday. Today’s scandalous outburst is proof-positive that he lacks the temperament to be president. Shameful. I am stunned at the level of lunacy he has reached in an attempt to remain relevant.


      1. I agree! Either trump is setting the stage to quit or he is mentally ill/unstable (or both). He is definitely not presidential material. I wish he would end up being tried for today’s comments and end up getting locked up.


      2. I don’t think so, Malia. We are seeing his mental illness on full display. I don’t think his ego will allow him to quit. He is too entrenched in his “I will win” meme. At least the MSM is openly talking about mental illness and NPD in regard to THE Donald.


  3. Has the MSM learned nothing since Skanky Payme put a bullseye over Gabby Giffords and caused some lunatic follower to try to assassinate her?


  4. The sad thin his that Pence is probably even worse! And we know how crazy Canada Cruz, Sanrotum, Paul Ryan, Walker, and Christie are. They all think women belong in the kitchen. I saw a story about Trump from some journalist who visited the Penthouse when Barron was six weeks old. Melanie was there in heels and a tight dress, and he said she seemed to have lost the baby weight already. “Almost lost the baby weight,” sneered her husband. Trump is a pig. But they all are. Vote them out.


  5. Donald Trump. What a piece of work. How anyone can support someone who thinks judges can repeal Constitutional Amendments is sad. The damage that a President Trump could do to the US – and the world – is beyond frightening. I have no doubt Trump got into this race for the free publicity. Our shameful, profit-driven infotainment media was happy to give him a free ride. Now this business fraud – that American and European banks will not lend to any longer – has a good chance to be POTUS. Congratulations. We are now officially the “stupid country.”


  6. I am a fighter and I have had to fight my entire life just to survive some pretty bad circumstances I had no control over. I can be headstrong and I stand my ground and won’t budge on certain things. Donald Trump would hate me. I am reading The Bully Pulpit right now and I have found a real respect for William Howard Taft, who wrote a paper in school, saying women should have the vote and that there was no difference in their intelligence levels. That was in the 1870’s. Now that was a future president who actually respected women. Trump has no regard for women and does not consider them equals. His flippant remarks about Clinton are totally unacceptable and he owes her an apology, but you can never get one from a narcissist. He does no wrong in his own eyes.


    1. Howlermonkey,
      It is 2016! You’d think that he’d HAVE to show more respectto women and minorities but not enough people are holding him accountable.


  7. Malia – I cannot believe this! The Trump campaign tried to spin Trump’s comments from yesterday, but failed. Everyone knew exactly what Trump meant! Trump knew what he meant and he said it without the slightest hesitation.

    I think the GOP thought that either Bush, Cruz, or Rubio would be the candidate, but when Trump became the official candidate, the GOP wasn’t prepared. They proved how clueless they are about Trump at the convention. And, unbelievably, there are still diehard republicans (McCain for one) who support Trump, even after his recent comments about the Khans and yesterday’s 2nd amendment comments. Why don’t these people call Trump out for his irrational and incendiary comments?

    Seriously – Trump may need to have his head examined. He might be mentally ill, but he also might have a brain disease. His erratic thought pattern, his inability to focus and stay focused, his habitual lying, his childish behavior and name calling, his phobias about others such as Muslims and Hispanics, and the reoccurring episodes where he cannot shut up and listen should raise a red flag to Pence and the GOP. The guy just might be nuts!

    Vote for Clinton, everyone! Trump must not win because if he does, then we may as well bend over and kiss our asses goodbye!


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