Remembering Palin’s “Word Vomit” Used to Endorse Trump

The Ring of Fire is featuring an article that transcribes part of the endorsement “word vomit” that SarahPalim emitted when she publicly endorsed Donald Trump.  The transcription is worth reading. 


trump palin



5 thoughts on “Remembering Palin’s “Word Vomit” Used to Endorse Trump

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  1. Malia –

    I am so upset. In a talk Trump gave today he was saying about how Hilary would be appointing Supreme Court Judges. His suggestion to stop her was “second amendment people”. Don’t even know what else to say – I am furious.


  2. This guy is like a three year old in a sandbox, pulling insults out of the sand. He is using Hitler’s tactics, getting the crazy ones to act out.

    There is a man in the last year of a four year contract right now, but could be appointed in late January. The GOP should have taken Obama’s nominee, because Hilary may appoint a legal scholar, former professor, Senior Lecturer in Constitutional Law, former President, Dr. Obama.


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