Notice to House Oversight Committee Re FOIA Documents and Proven Corruption, Cover Up, and Coercion

The following e-mail has been sent this morning to the House Oversight Committee in hopes that the recently produced documents will help make government accountable.


In December of 2015 you issued the report  An Agency in Crisis.  

In January of 2016 you issued a reort FOIA is Broken.
I have had a FOIA case pending in Federal Court in Dallas for over a year, trying to get documents from the Secret Service,OIG,and DHS.  The Dallas Morning News featured an article regarding the suit and the thousands of pages of documents that have finally been produced.
Radar Online has featured these two stories highlighting the outrageous behavior reported in the documents.
I have attached summaries of excerpts from some of the more outrageous Secret Service behavior reference in the documents produced.
The acts of the Secret Service have made headlines.  However the more offensive things to me are the culture of corruption associated with (1) the lies told to me by AT Smith to prevent me from getting the documents, (2) the fact that Multiple USSS and OIG employees committed crimes and perjured themselves and are now getting paid retirement benefits, the extent of which DHS, OIG, and the Secret Service won’t tell me (3) at every turn the AJ has engaged in coercive behavior in the lawsuit including a claim against me for reimbursement of the government’s attorney fees in the case filed three years after they were supposed to produce documents to me by law within 20 days,  and (4) these documents reveal that the Secret Service required their agents to sign non-disclosure agreements, expressly stating that they would not report anything adverse to DHS, but the Secret Service has failed to produce one of htese non-disclosure agreements!!!
This post to my blog summarizes the corruption, the cover-up, and the coercive behavior.  
Congress need to hold the Secret Service accountable.
I have also copied John Cornyn, one of my Senators, on the e-mail.  I will advise you if anyone in the government responds.

4 thoughts on “Notice to House Oversight Committee Re FOIA Documents and Proven Corruption, Cover Up, and Coercion

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  1. Malia, Congressman Chaffetz and his committee should jump all over this! The massive cover-up of corruption at Secret Service makes Watergate look like a walk in the park…


  2. Malia

    I am sorry I have not been around I have been doing research for your secrete service investigation as you instructed indirectly or not at all, I can’t remember.

    I have been touring with Todd and trumps secrete service team. We are the advanced team. We line up a few truck loads of hookers and drugs for each location.

    Our job is to diagnose the situation and act accordingly. This morning we had to peel off three hookers from one ss agent, shoot him up with tree Todd pacs and hose him down and dress him.

    I have a meeting with Pablo Escobar and Putin this afternoon to discuss cleaning up the ss. I will keep you in the loop. Keep up the good work.


    1. painchipeater,
      Thanks for the update. I heard that Trump is recruiting Charlie Sheen for his new campaign manager so you may need to do a little research on him too.


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