Sarah Palin Thinks She is Thinking Straight

Sarah Palin gave this interview to Jake Tapper.


She explains that Paul Ryan and the GOP is not “thinking strait.”  She explained that their power,their prestige, their purse will be adversely affected by the change that is coming with Trump and somebody like Paul Nehland, that they’re (the GOP) not thinking strait.  Palin explained that Paul Ryan’s political career is over because he has so disrespected the will of the people. Palin describes Paul Ryan as being “Eric Cantored.”

The primary of Paul Ryan is on Tuesday August 9th, just two days away.  While endorsing Ryan’s challenger,  Paul Nehlen,

paul nehlen


Palin suggests that Ryan’s political career is over. The funny thing is that a Remington Research Group poll released Friday shows 80 percent of voters support Ryan in his Wisconsin primary, compared to 14 percent who back challenger Paul Nehlen, a conservative Trump supporter.  Trump seems to be following suit as he plummets in the pollls.  Thus is seems Sarah isn’t thinking straight.  I appears Ryans political career is stronger than ever, and Trump and Nehlen are destined to lose.

Nehlen believes that Trump’s idea of banning Muslim immigrants doesn’t go far enough!  Nehlen would DEPORT all Muslims from this country.

burn constitution

What patriotic Americans Palin supports!!!

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Thinks She is Thinking Straight

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  1. And that is the nature of mental illness, they have no clue. They think they are normal, and Narcissists think everyone else is not normal. It never occurs to them that they are the only ones with that opinion. That is why Palin continues to promote losers. She thinks her ego can change the outcome of an election.


    1. This sounds and looks like another interview. But I love the Trump is my man biz, she will go down with him! Yes she will!!


  2. I can’t bear to hear Sarah Palin speak, so I haven’t watched the video–but just looking at the picture, what in heaven’s name makes her think an off-the-shoulder top is appropriate for an interview? Sheesh! What a loser!


  3. It took a lot of perseverance on my part to listen to the whole interview. Makes me wonder why she is interviewed at all any more. What is her relevance…except that assumed by her own ego?

    Palin’s gosh-awful syntax and that chalk-on-the-blackboard voice required a lot of jaw-clamping and wincing on my part.

    Talk about being “Cantored”, Palin is a loser. She loves class warfare and she’s so witless about anything to do with nuance. Positioning herself as a leader of “We, the People” is ludicrous.

    When Tapper asked her if she’s willing to be vetted as VP, she obviously appears interested, but instead plays the victim card. I started to enumerate the issues she’s barely coherent about, but listening to her is like listening to Trump: ignorance paraded as American values.


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