Trump’s “Dream Team” of Palin and Carson is a Nightmare!


It might be funny if it weren’t a real possibility.

trump gif

Yesterday I reported on the possibility that Donald Trump may well be mentally ill.  Taking advantage of the recent attention of Trump’s catastrophically bad judgment, Andy Borowitz has reported in a humorous article that Donald Trump has announced that he is attempting to reassure voters about his geopolitical expertise by adding Ben Carson and Sarah Palin to his team of foreign-policy advisers.

A spokesperson for Trump has said: “Donald Trump always said that, as President, he would surround himself with the best people.,”  Hope Hicks, Trump’s spokesperson, described Carson and Palin as the “Dream Team.

Sarah gets her knowledge about foreign policy from Google Maps.  Borowitz reported that Palin said: the controversy over Ukraine as “much ado about a gotcha question.”

“Donald Trump is one hundred and ten percent correct when he says that no one needs to be worrying about Ukraine,” she said. “If you look Ukraine up on Google Maps, like I just did, it’s right where it’s always been.”

Borowitz quoted Ben Carson declaring that as President, Donald Trump would support the territorial integrity of Ukraine and “its magnificent network of underground grain tunnels.”

“I cannot overemphasize the importance of Ukraine’s grain pipeline,” he said. “If you choke off Ukraine, Europe cannot bake bread.”

Trump’s spokesperson said that the additions to his foreign-policy brain trust should give voters “great confidence” that a Trump White House would be equal to the challenge of an international crisis. “When that 3 a.m. call comes in, and Mr. Trump is busy on Twitter, Dr. Carson and Governor Palin will be there to take the call.”

Choosing Palin and Carson as his foreign policy advisers would be like (1) choosing Mother Teresa for his Secretary of Defense, (2) choosing Trig Palin as the Head of the CIA, (3) choosing Track Palin for the head of the Office to Prevent Violence Against Women, (4) choosing Todd Palin to head his human trafficking task force, or (5) choosing Bristol Palin to run Planned Parenthood.  Ben Carson and Sarah Palin are probably the two people in the world who know less than Trump about foreign policy.

The frightening thing is that the story is almost believable!  The really frightening thing is that if Donald Trump should be elected he could make this choice.  He could put Palin in charge of foreign policy even though she doesn’t know that Africa is a continent instead of a country, and that North and South Korea are not geographical regions within the country of Korea.



This is only one of many nightmares we could have if Donald Trump were ever elected President of the United States.

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