Trump Loses Confidence in Trump

It seems like a bad dream.  It was Donald Trump talking about how rich he was, and how he wouldn’t need to rely on the money of anyone else to support his campaign.



As I checked my e-mail today, I saw an e-mail from Donald Trump.  I don’t know the man, and don’t want to know him.  Imagine my shock when a man that I don’t know, and would never support, asked me to donate to his campaign, when he told me he was so rich that he’d never rely on donations.  Trump said in this email:

But in order for our campaign to win, I need your help.” THere was a link provided to Donate money.  The only reason Trump has even asserted he is qualified to be the President  is that he is so wealthy that he can fund his own campaign.  Now that he is asking for money either he lied before, or he has lost confidence in himself.

3 thoughts on “Trump Loses Confidence in Trump

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    1. TigerWonderingWTF,
      It is amazing to me that this seems to be the only reason that anyone liked him, and it isn’t true”!


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