Trump Doesn’t Understand Why Not Use Nuclear Weapons?

trump nuclear


Trump reportedly asked:

‘If we have them, why can’t we use them?'”




11 thoughts on “Trump Doesn’t Understand Why Not Use Nuclear Weapons?

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  1. With the Trump campaign falling apart, mebbe’ they could come up with a new slogan like “Vote Trump! It’s your last!”
    The no info voters are too dumb to get it.


  2. Is Donnie confusing nuclear weapons with frequent flyer miles? Use ’em or lose ’em. Now he’ll double down to detract from his already very, very bad week. Didn’t Goldwater want to defoliate Vietnam with nukes? That didn’t turn out very well, either.


  3. SCENE: “The Jews in the camps, right before they were unknowingly stuffed into the ovens”

    (Enter Trump supporters, entirely unaware of what their fearless leader was about to do to them and the whole world, vis-à-vis his narcissism and propaganda, which they were entirely unaware of and/or haltingly dismissive of)

    Roll Camera.


  4. What an unqualified person tp run for office! God help us all. I have read he may quit. I just want to make sure the Republican candidate does not win, no matter who it may be, but especially Trump!


  5. Malia –

    You have written extensively on Trump and mental disorders. It is not as if many of us did not see his problems. (similar I think to Palin’s)
    During the primary the high level Repubs stood aside with their smirky smiles and let it happen. Then they were sure they could control him during the general election. Seriously??
    As we all know – the seeds for this disaster were planted many years ago – and now we have a total disaster on our hands. It will not end with the election. Thanks to the Repubs, FOX News, Breitbart and the other conservative talk programs, the horrible racism that all of those entities have supported will be with us for ever so long.


  6. They create a radioactive wasteland where they are detonated. The prevailing winds carry uranium oxide dust from the blast site and contaminate other countries, including the U.S. Some nuclear powers have Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) systems that generate an automatic nuclear response even if their control center is wiped out.

    That question shows how dumb and dangerous Donald is. We have a choice. As Eddie Izzard says “Cake or Death?



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