Trump’s Mental Illness is Real

Experts have warned that Trump may suffer from Mental Illness.


The media has characterized Palin as possibly mentally ill, and her endorsement of Trump to be evidence of that illness.  “BW” sent a link to this story describing The Donald:

Donald Trump is not of sound mind.”

Trump “appears haunted by multiple personality disorders.”

 “Donald Trump is not a well man.”
This is from a Radar Online article.  However, this is not the only publication to raise the issue.  There are so many other articles that it is hard to imagine that anyone who is or is so close to being mentally ill has earned the nomination of the Republican Party.  Consider these articles:
Donald Trump was born in 1946. 34 years later, in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the American Psychiatric Association’s hefty volume of mental disorder classifications, the term “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” (NPD) first appeared as a diagnosable disease – Trump would doubtless say it was created in his honor (characteristic #1 of NPD: An exaggerated sense of self-importance). 
This week, the co-author of Donald Trump’s autobiography said in The New Yorker that if he were writing The Art of the Deal today, it would be a very different book with a very different title: The Sociopath.

A narcissist feels grandiose and self-important, and often exaggerates to the point of lying his or her accomplishments and skills. A narcissist is obsessed with fantasies of “unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence.” The narcissist is convinced that he or she is special and, because of that, should be treated as a high-status person. A narcissist requires “excessive admiration” and feels entitled, demanding special and often unreasonable treatment. A narcissist is “interpersonally exploitative,” using others to achieve his or her own goals, and is also devoid of empathy. A narcissist is also envious of others and will seek to hurt or destroy people, and, lastly, a narcissist “behaves arrogantly and haughtily,” and “rages when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted by people he or she considers inferior to him or her and unworthy.”

None of the traits are flattering, to say the least — and the idea of the president of the United States holding not just one but all of them should be frightening, say mental health experts.

One of many mannerisms of Trump that concerned Vaknin is his unwillingness to tell the truth which may, in fact, be less of an unwillingness to do so and more of an inability.

“Trump confabulates a lot and has grandiose fantasies, which he has come to believe in, thus partially and intermittently losing touch with reality (delusionally ‘failing the reality test’),” Vaknin explains.

Another area of concern is Trump’s hypervigilance, which is to the point of actual paranoia. He feels “besieged by conjured enemies and imaginary slights to his person, appearance, or accomplishments,” Vaknin explains. “He reacts aggressively and vindictively to such perceived narcissistic injuries and humiliations. His is a siege mentality.”

Gordon Humphrey, a former U.S. senator for New Hampshire and a delegate at the Republican National Convention, recently wrote a brilliant, penetrating portrait of Donald Trump for CNBC titled “Dump Trump in Cleveland.” Humphrey very successfully zeroed in on the glaring, authentic side of Trump’s personality.

“Trump is a classic sociopath,” he wrote. “He lacks a conscience. He never feels guilt, shame, embarrassment, regret or remorse. He is untroubled when causing others pain. He never apologizes.”

This video provides specific examples of the documented statements of Trump that are quite revealing:

32 thoughts on “Trump’s Mental Illness is Real

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  1. Malia –

    Powerful article. As the days go by we are seeing more and more articles concerning his fragile personality. I do not think he can survive the next three months.


  2. Let’s not give him the out of Multiple Personality Disorder, which is not common. He is just a vile excuse for a human being. Many mental illnesses, but not MPD in my opinion.


  3. Trump has got it together. We had a meeting of the for whorsmen today. ( Trump, Putin, Sarah and Todd/God) and it went well.

    Puttin wanted to clean up Trumps act a little. He showd Trump how to launder money better. He then discussed emails hillery has been sending and basically all of congresses emails he hacked.

    Putin also showed trump to take off his shirt and look presidential.

    Puttin then showed Trump how to get Sarah to shut up. His advice was that when she starts smacking her lips and gums you just give her a dog biskit laced with meth.

    I am a little worried about trump. What kind of idiot politician does not know how to control Sarah? I do like how he controls Todd/God. All he does is clench his fist and look at todds rib cage. Todd buckles over and whimpers like a dog. He is so funny.

    I also agree with Trump. Putin wont loosen up the choke collar he has on trump. Its quite disturbing.

    Its a good team. Putin just showed Trump his last 10 years of tax returns and nakid pictures of him with miss usa contestants. Putin will never show the world this information and said he wants nothing in return.

    Trump/ Manchurian Canidate 2016 is a modification to the keep ameriKastan great proposal Putin had last week.

    Looks like Trump is surrounding himself with top notch advisors. I really hope Todd gets the drug Czar position its been his lifes dream. At least the minister of torture would fit him as well.

    Well time to empty the container of Russian brides for the next trump speech.


  4. so he’s gonna resign from the nomination and say “I was just joking”.
    just like sarah, his word has zero value.


  5. seems to be a mettle illness.

    trump has antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). The National Library of Medicine defines ASPD as “a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others. This behaviour is often criminal.” Experts still can’t figure out how ASPD happens, but they strongly believe that it is linked to childhood experiences, such as child abuse. They also list symptoms of ASPD, such as:

    Be able to act witty and charming
    Be good at flattery and manipulating other people’s emotions
    Break the law repeatedly
    Disregard the safety of self and others
    Lie, steal, and fight often
    Not show guilt or remorse
    Often be angry or arrogant

    certainly seems to describe the guy. the gop must really be proud.


  6. Uh Oh! With Dubya, our dry drunk President, we had Cheney and Rummy running the show. Donald is a solo psychopath, no backup……except for Pence, a religious psychopath.


  7. Thank you for raising awareness of the connection between Donald Trump and mental illness symptoms. Regardless of whichever personality disorder Trump may have, one thing is for certain: If a person has one of the disorders, and you are in his sphere of influence, you should be concerned. The stakes are much higher when said person is in contention to lead the free world. Please take a look at the research I’ve done on this topic.


    1. twoifbycharm,
      Thanks for the link! It is amazing that we don’t have some procedure to ensure the mental stability of our candidates for President!


  8. All, I’m getting nervous here. “Some” polls show the race is tight. I know sociopaths are fantastic actors. Their whole life is an act, and their limited emotional range can even allow them to fool lie detector tests. It’s just unconscionable to think a sociopath has a chance. We need to keep using this forum to get people to consider what we see.


  9. I wrote a similar post on my blog. Trump rated as being more psychopathic than Adolf Hitler based on the PPI. I am aware that some with psychopathic traits can be successful leaders but when there grandiosity gets in the way it can only spell doom. And if Trump is one thing it is grandiose…


      1. Yes indeed. You would think that by now we would have changed requirements for presidency or abolished the electoral college. I find it odd that people are so aghast at the idea of adapting a piece of paper that was written over 200 years ago, but if the bible is still being followed literally after all this time then I’m not sure if our political system will ever change.


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