When Will Bristol Give Birth to Her Next Child?

Remember when Bristol posted this selfie, when she was supposedly 5 months pregnant?

bristol palin pregnant selfie

Now she has posted this picture on Instagram.

bristol tripp gun sailor

After people expressed their repulsion at young kids and babies being exposed to guns, people had a chance to reflect on the picture of Bristol.  The obvious question is whether she is pregnant again?  If you compare the picture of her with Tripp and the selfie she took when she claimed she was 5 months pregnant, it seems obvious that she is larger in the picture with Tripp than she was in her bathroom.  However, to me, the most revealing picture is the photo of her modeling her t-shirt with Piper.  The black top in the photo with Trig could have simply been a top that was loose fitting.  However the t-shirt picture is illustrative that Bristol is definitely dressing in a style different than piper.  The long sleeves of Bristol’s shirt reveal just how large the shirt is.  The sleeves are extra long and baggy.  The shoulders are too large, and falling off Bristol’s shoulders.  Who poses in a picture by holding out the stomach section of a t-shirt?  There is no apparent reason for Bristol to be pulling out the t-shirt from her abdomen.

bristol and piper gun shirt

Compare the pictures above to those of Bristol from after her wedding to Dakota to those above.

bristol and dakota beach hawaii  bristol dakota sailor

Certainly a pregnancy now,with the baby of Dakota, would explain why Dakota would claim to be the father of Sailor.  He wouldn’t want to be married to the mother of his child, who had previously given birth to the offspring of  other different fathers.

bristol and levi rnc  trig with bristol one  bristol's baby with tripp


25 thoughts on “When Will Bristol Give Birth to Her Next Child?

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  1. You forgot to post the picture of her hawking the diet tea. IMHO, that is the smoking gun picture! belly starting to stick out.
    great thing to do, drinking diet sh*t and being pregnant…


  2. Bristol is going to make sure she gets a reality show along the lines of “The Duggars Do Incest With Duck Dynasty.” The show will feature actual ammosexuals, children with eyes too close together, pseudo Christians preparing for the Rapture buying designer shit to warehouse, and really lousy vocabularies.
    Oh, yes. And babies. Lots of babies wearing stupid headbands and camo.
    Dakota is just a much needed ornament.

    My excitement meter just exploded.


    1. laurensd1,
      Don’t forget the family gatherings at holiday time when the would try to be the first to shoot the Thanksiving turkey, or shoot out the ornaments in the Christmas tree.


  3. So far as I’m aware, we don’t have a date for Bristol’s and Dakota’s wedding. No wedding pictures. No pictures of the bride having cake mashed into her face (that’s always such fun! Just ask Piper-Diaper!). They’re claiming marriage, and it might be true… but it’s not like Bristol is known for holding out for a diamond. Her mom buys it for her. I think it’s entirely possible that Bristol’s pregnant; she’s figured out what causes that, and it’s the only way she knows to keep a man hanging around. But it makes me doubt that Dakota is Sailor’s dad… although he might believe he is.

    Because if they did a DNA test and it showed Dakota as the father, that information would spread. They’d make sure Dakota knew it. They’d leak it, and then deny one was done “because we KNOW who the father is.” No: I think Dakota, not being overburdened with brains and not trying to think with them anyway, got sucked into the vortex, accepted paternity, and got back together with Bristol. But I wonder whether there was a wedding, and I think she’s indeed pregnant… because she has nothing else to use on him.


    1. ivyfree2,
      I’ve wondered for a long time why Dakota backed off of the claim that he was NOT Sailor’s father. If Bristol was pregnant with Dakota’s child at the time, I understand why he’d want to save face and admit that Sailor was his too.


  4. If sailor was born the beginning of November (pictures just don’t lie), an August birth is in the realm of possibility. She must have super easy births to continue this way.

    Expect another baby with deficits, very possibly FAS, results of malnutrition, etc. No matter if there are birth defects or not, the baby will be plug stupid with those 2 as parents. Did you see DUH’s interview?


      1. Malia, Gryphen has the interview on his website Immoral Minority. Lots of “like” and other fill in words. Not too swift, as we already knew.


  5. I have a friend, who has a granddaughter that is bipolar. The girl gets pregnant constantly. My friend says that the only time her granddaughter calms down is when she is pregnant. She has had multiple pregnancies in the last ten years, multiple births and multiple abortions. Of course the behavior seems very odd to me, but maybe Bristol has that same problem.


  6. Here we go again playing baby roulette. Who is the father? This is like trying to find a unicorn.

    We have excluded Dakota for obvious reasons. Bristol is a pro. She is diversifying her portfolio of children. She needs a few more child support checks a month from different income producing fathers.

    We hired a consultant “octomom” who is advising on multiple father single births.

    If she has a litter of 8 income producing babies every 9.1 months she should be set for life.

    Let’s hope there are not any junker babies that don’t produce high yield checks.

    Todd screwed up. He should have stuck with the original plan of booking her at the strip joint at the rnc convention. She could have secured a bunch of old rich sperm donors.

    Well it’s back to needle in a hay stack Dna testing. We just got a trucklode of dna tests. Never a dull moment.


    1. painchipeater,
      I bet they will never do a dna test. They’ll just sell a different story to the press every year suggesting that NOW they know who the real fatheris.


  7. She sure does look pregnant af=gain. Great. more babies and guns. No jobs. mansions, new SUVs, designer clothes….great life, there Brissy.


  8. I have a few pictures of Piper which may explain why Brissdul didn’t appear to be as pregnant with this last baby as she did in previous ones. I want to share them with you guys and you can decide for yourselves if my theory makes sense or not. I believe it’s possible that it was Piper who got pregnant this time – not Brissdul. I also believe it’s possible the truth came out while they were in Kentucky right before the wedding was cancelled. That would explain a few things – why scarah appeared to be really pissed at DUHkota and what caused brisdull to suddenly bolt out of there.

    Of course, it’s only a theory and I recognize the possibility I could be wrong. However, nothing surprises me with this band of gypsies. I’m still trying to figure out how to provide you either a link or do it by attachment.


  9. Malia – If Bristol is PG, then she is probably due in February 2017, that is, if she got together with Dum-kota over mother’s day weekend, which seems to be when they “reconciled”. They probably got drunk and didn’t use birth control and decided they better make it legal this time, and got married the first week in June. These people have no self respect and they will do anything or sell anything just as long as they don’t have to work a 9-5 job!

    OT – Sarah posted a comment about Hillary’s white pantsuit that she wore on Thursday when she accepted the nomination:
    “…Hillary’s campaign stylist apparently leaked to the NYT she wore a white pantsuit to her convention as homage to the democrat female politician, Geraldine Ferraro”. And, then, of course, Sarah had to make it all about her! She claimed she wore white in 2008 because it was the only thing without Trig’s puke on it. There are thousands of photos of her online in which she is shown wearing a black skirt with a champaign colored jacket. There is not one photo that shows her wearing “white”, unless, of course, Sarah is so colored blind she thought her jacket was white!


    1. Zora,
      I think she has needed help for a long time. I think she has just run out of money, so she can’t pay anyone else to write them anymore,so they sound like Sarah!


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