Trig Talks to Mom?

Sarah posted a video of Trig doing a trick on Facebook.  Listen to the girls.  They encourage Trig to say hello to “mom”.  The clear impression is that “mom” is filming, and it surely doesn’t sound like Sarah.  See for yourself.

Can you tell who “mom” is ?

Share your impression.


28 thoughts on “Trig Talks to Mom?

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    1. catherine magrogan,
      Look on the right side of her Facebook. It’s not part of a post but a separate video posted on the right. Go quickly before they take it down.


  1. Malia – I am not able to open the link to the video. I looked on Sarah’s Twitter, but didn’t see it there. Is there another way to see it?

    Sarah Palin is a mindless, ignorant, uneducated celebrity-seeking wannabe who knows nothing. She doesn’t even pretend to be a fake politician anymore – she just posts stupid stuff on her Facebook and Twitter, hoping to stir the pot. It must be tough for her to not get the recognition she craves, especially from the Trump campaign.

    In the meantime, her son-in-law Dum-kota is advertising a holster, because, apparently, the guy always carries a gun, even when he is with his “daughter”.

    Here’s a photo of Dum-kota with is “daughter”. Who are these people trying to kid? That child doesn’t even remotely resemble Dum-kota. Her eyes and face shape give it away!

    And, finally, here’s a recent photo of the newlyweds Dum-kota and Bris-tard who look about as “connected’ to each other as a brother and sister. Their hands aren’t even touching, because Bristol is drinking an energy tea she is advertising, and Dum-kota still has his holster and gun strapped to his right side. Is Bristol wearing a maternity top?


    1. Sharon,
      The drama continues! I don’t know how to access the video except on her Facebook, but look on the right side of the page.


      1. If you’re speaking of the one of Trig doing the cheerleader stand between the girls and raising his hands you can access it from the left side of her page where it says ” Videos ” its the first one and that certainly sounds like Sarah ?????


  2. I got the impression Sarah and Todd were behind the cameraperson. He quickly looks up and screams mom excitedly, never looking at the camera, then returns to the state of being held up. I have no idea who is filming. I would imagine that girl to Trigs right holding him is the cousin’s friend so it could be another friend filming? That was from Dakota’s birthday celebration. These people constantly have a lot of people over at their houses it seems. The younger Heath cousins (well, the current high schoolers) and their friends love Trig and Tripp. Do I recall someone here posting a pic of Bristol and Kyla there? Or was that PG? Stuff happens fast and my head can’t keep all these trivialities in order.


    1. Call me Joe,
      Maybe Sarah was standing behind the person filming, but can you imagine Sarah not saying a word? I anticipate she’d love the chance to appear behind Trig if she were around to pretend to care.


  3. Went out to the page, could not find it. Did they pull it? If so why would they remove a clip of Trig talking to his real mom? The truth and verbal slip-ups keep getting in the way of their trolling. To be a good liar, you need an excellent memory.


  4. I checked the video of Trig being lifted up like a cheerleader. The voice that comes from the person taping this is NOT $arah’s voice. It also is not Bri$$y’s voice. But the impression I get is that the person is asking Trig to call for mom, and he does – as if his mom is not there but somewhere else.
    Interesting, that $he posts the video w/o any comment…


  5. Oops. I went to watch it again, and saw $he did have some gobbledigook comment. It was posted a month ago, and I don’t think she will take it down anytime soon.
    I still do not think it was $arah speaking on there, but that ‘cousin’.

    (BTW: whatever happened to ‘Cousin’ MALOE?)


  6. Also, if you go to the left side, you’ll see “videos”. Click and a grid will come up of thumbnails of videos. Hover your mouse over the title (caption) and a complete description will appear. The clip was filmed when quittergov was headed to California for her speech at “Politicon”


  7. Malia – I got it to open, finally, but I can’t confirm that is Sarah’s voice. It doesn’t sound anything like her. Strange! So, it appears Sarah was dropping Trig off at a “cousin’s” house before she headed to some political event in the lower 48.


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