Sarah Palin Evidences Mental Illness…Once Again

From the time Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, one thing was certain.  Sarah Palin is consistently Fickle.  In fact it wasn’t that long ago that she earned the Fickle Finger of Fate Award.

Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, on a national level who she befriended and later became their outspoken critic.  Even as the Mayor of Wasilla,  Sarah made a name for herself by firing people who had been loyal to her and to the city of Wasilla.  Mr. Stein, Irl Stambaugh, and Frank Bailey, were just a few examples.

blind allegiance

Lisa Murkowski was another example of a person who, instead of being her comrade in arms, was her enemy.

Yet Palin is so delusional that she has proclaimed that people who used to be her “friends,” now, for some inexplicable reason, condemn her.  Palin is shocked at the condemnation “despite never changing my values, priorities or loyalties.”   Palin has a long history of changing her loyalties is documented.  The fact that Sarah doesn’t recognize her change of loyalty from Ted Cruz to Donald Trump is the most obvious form of mental illness that could be imagined.

Mental illness comes in many forms. Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and the anxiety disorders all have the potential to be crippling, and ruin lives. Yet as terrible as depression, mania, psychosis, and the other symptoms of these disorders can be, there is one that stands out as the most damaging of all.  It is called “Anosognosia.”

This obscure word, which is pronounced “uh-no-sog-no-zha,” means “denial of illness.” Most people understand the psychological concept of denial, which is a refusal to believe an uncomfortable truth. Who hasn’t heard heard a heavy drinker, eater, smoker, or drug user say, “I can quite any time I want,” or someone with a chronic cough (which may indicate a serious illness) say, “It’s not important–It’s just a cough.” Pressing the denier on the obvious gap between reality and his belief typically yields a flurry of thin excuses that support his position, and can provoke an outburst of anger if continued long enough.  This description is the perfect description of  Sarah Palin.

As an illustration of the problem, Palin feels that she can only rely on God and Family to give her validation and joy.  Thank heavens Palin has, according to her, risen to the challenge of becoming “better not bitter.”

“So now we must rise to the challenge of becoming better, not bitter,” she concludes.

Once again, it is obvious that Sarah Palin has no self-awareness.  She is not better.  She is bitter.

When she was not allowed by McCain to make a concession speech she was bitter.

When she was not allowed to criticize Obama for his relationship with Pastor Jeremiah Wright, she was quite bitter.

When she was blamed for targeting Gabby Giffords, Sarah Palin became bitter, and claimed she was the victim of a blood libel.

Palin even blamed Obama for her son’s domestic violence toward his pregnant girlfriend.

In fact one of Sarah’s most famous phrases is that you should “never retreat, but instead reload.”  It is indisputable that Sarah Palin lacks any modicum of self-awareness.  In the last seven years I have never witnessed Sarah Palin “becoming better” and instead was always “bitter.




8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Evidences Mental Illness…Once Again

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  1. This is untreated addiction (manifesting in substances and/or behaviors), which is a three-fold “dis-ease” – physical, mental, and spiritual. Untreated addiction tells the person they don’t have it, that they can “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps”, go to their own mind and retrieve from it something beyond which it has – it’s an existence of denial, of lies. Addiction is treated with the help of other sober addicts. Narcissists (like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump) don’t – and can’t – see that, as it requires a leveling of pride, and other people, a day at a time. Addiction “lives” in the mind, hence, mental illness.


  2. I doubt Sarah dislikes Cruz as a person. She doesn’t dislike Obama as a person. But Cruz displayed tactics that aren’t good. Like the left does.


    1. Popo? BWAHAHAHAHA, Trollpo is more like it. Sarah Palin has no ability to like anybody. If money is not coming her way.


    2. Popo Alicia Mangelsdorf your tactics are weak at best. Your use of juvenile usernames does not fool anyone. Why do you hate your ‘Lefty’ parents so much? They have allowed you to live rent free most of your unfulfilled life.


  3. Hi Malia, hoping this finds you well. I have not visited here for awhile. Do you know why our sarah is not campaigning with trump? Would it have anything to do with the “Russian email” hacking? Maybe the radical behavior is due to stress from this? President Obama said he felt that it was someone famous behaving badly? could it be? Mental Illness? she probably does have some form, especially if she and toad is helped russia/rump hack. After her rant the other day, I think it maybe more than hacking involved with this crime. It is not about Hillary emails. It is about emails hacked of other American’s and what they did with that.


  4. That wretched woman suffers from Narcissistic Personality Order as does her pal Trump. They are both disgusting individuals that deserve no place in politics or on the national stage in any way.


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