Sarah Palin Never Learned the Lesson of Michelle Obama

Last night’s heart-felt speech of Michelle Obama is one many people in the country probably missed.  The very people who needed a lesson in manners, were probably watching another channel.  Michelle explained that when dealing with bullies, you shouldn’t react with anger and acrimony.  She explained that in the Obama family, when others go low, “we go high.”

What a contrast to the message of Sarah Palin’s “don’t retreat, reload.”

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin addresses attendees at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

palin gun shop

It is a reminder of the many hateful things that Palin has said about our President, and he has not responded.  Even when the President was responsible for locating and taking out Osama bin Laden, Palin gave credit to Bush.  She said: “We thank President Bush for having made the right calls to set up this victory.”

When she attacked President Obama’s policies on illegal immigration, she attacked his manhood, rather than his policies.

Contrast Palin’s willingness to hit below the belt to the President’s lack of response to the stupid and hateful things said by Sarah Palin.

When she claimed that she was knowledgeable about American history, the President “went high” and did not comment.

When Sarah Palin claimed that she was the victim in the shooting of Gabby Giffords, the President went “high” and did not comment.

When Sarah Palin tried to attack President Obama over his response to Libya, and she demonstrated her total lack of understanding of the conflict, President Obama “went high.”

The President went “high” when he explained that Palin’s kids should be “off limits.” 

When Sarah’s family became involved in the “brawl”, Obama said nothing.  When Bristol got pregnant for the second,or third,time, out of wedlock, Obama had no comment.  Even when Sarah quit her job as Governor the President made no comment.

Probably the hardest thing for the President to go “high” about has been the choice of pictures posted by Sarah of fans, excited to see her.

palin erection 108  palin erection close up

Pause for a moment and consider whether you think Donald Trump even understands the concept of “going high?”


18 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Never Learned the Lesson of Michelle Obama

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  1. I really liked Michelle oboma. Its nice that a white lady like her can get such a great tan. What I really liked was her endorsement of Saint Sarah.

    Its been well documented when Sarah goes low she is really high. Glen Rice will testify to that. Actually for some reason no one can find him. I think their last meeting did not go well, the screams still haunt my soul. Poor bastard I hope his instant blind ness and vomiting problem are cured. He also turned so white he could have been voted a grand wizard.

    Its great to see the support Sarah is getting to her devotional message of reloading and not retreating. I have seen this time and time again. When the family went on the last family brawlathon, it was sarah who kept reloading the troops.

    She held steady in the limo. She loaded up Track with a case of beer in his pockets. She re thonged Bristol several times. She gave tripp cases of fire crackers.

    When it got real tough she loaded up her silver spoon and shoveled two ounces of courage up each nostril. Shen then Strapped on her Belmont suicide vest and dove into the crowd.

    It was a religious experience she parted the red sea of hillbillies and climbed to the top of the limo. She was carrying two tablits that she said she received from god at Mount sinanide.

    There were bright lights shown upon hers as she began to read the tablits. The first tablit said oxcycotin and the second said adderal. The crowd cheered her on as she unloaded handfuls to the masses.

    The bright lights turned into handcuffs and minutes of tounge smacking mixed with gibberish. When she finally chugged a beer she demanded to reload and not retreat into the police car.

    The police reloaded her with a half a gallon of animal tranquilizers and let her drift off into the mist.

    I think we can all agree that the future of our country should be placed in Sarah and her intern Trumps hands. As the lord Todd said. Send forth this orange decipal and lets hope they don’t crucify the bastard, he owes us money.

    So it is written


    1. painchipeater,
      I heard that Sarah and Mike Pence’s wife are collaborating on a line of Christmas towel charms! Todd tried to get involved but the ladies rejected his ideas to two-toned charms.


      1. Todds got me working the towel angle. I am sending a towel to all the people who support Sarah pack that are still alive.

        It costs 49.99 for the towel per week. They don’t make towels like they used to. Todd says they come on a roll. He got the ones we are sending from a bathroom truck stop.They really smell like shit but what do you expect for 49.99 per week.

        The wounded warrior project is going well. Track is getting donations of bullets and beer from all over this great country. He is also getting brass knuckles to keep his baby momma in line.

        Gotta go I have to meet with Sarah, Putin and Trump.


      2. painchipeater,
        Glad to hear about the towels! I’m relieved to know that the Palins will have a source of income after the election in November! Whew! What a relief.


    2. Thanks a whole lot PCE. Now I have this picture in my mind that isn’t likely to go away for a long time. I do like to have interrupted sleep occasionly.


  2. In no way can Sarah Palin compete with Michelle Obama. Michelle is highly educated, classy, beautiful, and has common sense. Sarah Palin is…..????


  3. Malia,

    On Coast To Coast a few nights ago was a show about Frank Sheeran ( ) – his involvement with the mob, his knowledge of the Kennedy assassination, his admission of the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, and the new film by Martin Scorsese called The Irishman, about his life, which is in the works. He was present when Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald.

    It’s typical that Sarah Palin would name her (alleged, undocumented) firstborn child after Michael Sheeran – Bristol Marie Sheeran Palin. We kind of expect it, vis-à-vis the similarities. Both Sarah and Sheeran are gangsters, both want people dead, both (have allegedly, in all probability) killed people, both are career criminals, both were affiliated with The Battle Of The Bulge ( ) (what bulges with Sarah are her breasts, her bank account, the erections she gave John McCain, her lips, and her stupidity and rage), both have developed “a callousness to the taking of human life”…….

    I could go on, but I’ve got to get to work. Thought you should know this.


  4. The Obamas are a class act. Palin will NEVER have the respect and admiration around the world that the Obamas have. Sarah is a lazy, low class clown. She has never extended herself unless there was something in it for her. And, let’s look at the kind of parents the Clintons and Obamas are. Their children are educated, well mannered and do their parents and our country proud. There is no comparison between the Democrats and the GOP today. They have spent the last 8 years preaching hate, and they are now reaping the bitter, bitter harvest. We all have to do our part and VOTE!!! I am proud to say, “I’m with Her.”


  5. Malia,
    Why is Scarah pretending that she is such good friends with African Americans?? She is suddenly promoting them every minute on her USELESS facebook. What is this new “gimmick” that she is up to now??


    1. Zora,
      I would think she’d be embarrassed to do that! There are so many examples of her bigoted attitudes that it will be hard to cover them up.


  6. Tough guy Trump was whining like a three year old at a speech in Virginia because it was too warm in the auditorium. He went off on the hotel and employees in his speech.


  7. With $arah, it’s always “how low can you go” like a common gutter rat. I’m hard pressed to name one thing she’s done that’s positive, let alone on the up and up.


    1. CIP
      I agree! Maybe she will start her own “charm” business…she could sell gun charms so you wouldn’t ever lose your gun when you go to the shooting range!


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