Donald Trump Just Doesn’t Give a Crap

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When asked by a reporter why he felt the need to “antagonize” a federal judge who had ruled against him in acase involving Trump University, Donald Trump said:

Why antagonize?  Because I don’t care.”  It is that attitude that is the most frightening thing about Donald Trump.  He doesn’t care about the damage he does to America or the millions of Americans who he would represent if elected.  Just like he didn’t care about students that he

defrauded into attending “Trump University”.  Trump faces a $40 million fraud lawsuit on behalf of some 5,000 students who spent up to $35,000 at his “University.”  Trump is accused of engaging in “persistent fraudulent, illegal and deceptive conduct in connection with the operation of Trump University.”  Specifically,  Trump & Co. “used the name ‘Trump University’ even though they lacked the charter necessary under New York law to call themselves a University.” State officials told them in 2005 that they were breaking the law. Yet, “Trump University did not change its name until May 2010 and never received a license to operate in the state. As a result, many students believed they were attending a University, when they were not.”

The Plaintiffs in the suit allege that Trump U.’s ads showed Trump’s photo and promised that students could “copy exactly what I’ve done and get rich.” Instead of a personal appearance from Donald Trump as some consumers were led to expect, participants got their photographs taken with a life-size photo of Mr. Trump.”  It seems Trump didn’t care about these 5000 students.

trump knock crap out of them

Likewise, Trump didn’t care about the 200 undocumented laborers from Poland hired to demolish the old building that became Trump Tower. The Polish employees were off-the-books, working 12-hour shifts seven days a week for $4 to $5 an hour. Some workers were never paid what they were owed.

In 1983, union members sued a union boss, Trump and his contractor for cheating the union out of pension and welfare funds by hiring the Polish Brigade. Trump owed the union pension fund $1 million, the plaintiffs said. Judge Charles Stewart ruled against Trump a year later, saying that his representative “knew that the Polish workers were doing demolition work” and that his company participated in a “conspiracy” to cheat the union.

trump rich

It seems that the four bankruptcies of Trump’s business left thousands of investors in debt.  Billions of dollars in debt were discharged by bankruptcy courts.   Yet to Trump these were “routine corporate deals.”    Trump is clearly proud of his ability to scam other people, while improving his personal holdings.  How many times have we heard Trump say that he is really rich?


Because Trump’s business success is the only characteristic that he relies on to suggest he is qualified to run for President, production of his tax returns are more important than for a typical candidate.  However, Trump still refuses to release them, breaking a long-standing bipartisan tradition. Every major-party presidential nominee has submitted his/her returns for years.

Theories abound about the true motivation for his recalcitrance. Maybe Mr. Trump’s reported earnings would show he is not as successful as he has claimed. Maybe we’d learn that he has given little or no money to charity in recent years. Maybe embarrassing foreign tax shelters would be revealed. What is certain is that useful information would emerge.

trump money can't buy

The undisputed truth is that Trump doesn’t care about anyone but Trump, and that he will say whatever he thinks will be received best by his audience at the time.


8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Just Doesn’t Give a Crap

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  1. Give Mr. Cheetos a break! Trump University folded long before he became a born-again Christian. He’s been forgiven, so get over it. That Mexican judge is probably a rapist, although he might be a good person (even if he is unfair). It’s OK to pay illegals less than minimum wage for 12/7 work shifts, just like back in the day when America was great. His debts were discharged in strategic bankruptcies — not ordinary, run of the mill, boring bankruptcies. And who cares what’s in his tax returns? His faithful followers don’t care, so why should anyone else?

    By now, The Donald’s vocal cords should have recovered after his 75-minute Thursday night shout down. You know: that uplifting message of peace, love, tolerance, understanding, and optimism.


  2. Cheeto Jebus dRUMPf is a fascist.

    ‘Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible.’

    Make sure that does NOT happen and VOTE!


    1. A nony mouse,
      I too am afraid that many people won’t vote because they aren’t enthusiastic about Hillary! The reality is that we can’t forget how incredibly devastating it would be for Trump to be elected.


  3. michael bloomberg will endorse hillary in a prime time speech at the dnc!

    a real billionaire who didn’t make his money filing for bankruptcy and screwing small business owners.

    hope he lays into trump.


  4. Trump really is a piece of work. The guy is a mess, broke, broken and now at the end of his 71 yr game of bully and fight everyone. He needs help and if he has one brain cell left in that empty tower he should confess, resign and take care of his extreme legal problems in private. America is without a president.


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