Trump Praises of the Secret Service the Same Day Scandal is Reported!

MUST BYLINE: EROTEME.CO.UK Donald Trump admires pictures of himself from fans as he arrives at the Good Morning America studios NON-EXCLUSIVE November 15, 2011 Job: 111115P3 New York, New York EROTEME.CO.UK 44 207 431 1598

Ironically, just today the Donald can’t say enough great things about the Secret Service.  He said:
“First of all, the Secret Service is unbelievable,”
 “I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to the secret service. Because I go around, mark and all these guys, I go around saying how great they are. They are great. These are great, great people.”

In light of the scandalous behavior of the Secret Service, the only conclusion that is possible is that Trump relates to men who solicit prostitutes, exchange pornographic material, masturbate in their office in front of women, and who use government computers to hire male prostitutes.  Now we know Trump’s definition of “great, great people.

Trump also said he has the “common sense” to excuse him from reading any national media sources.

It seems Trump’s common sense has failed him.  Yesterday and today, Radar Online, has reported outrageous things, confirmed in government documents, about the corruption within the Secret Service.  I wouldn’t expect that Trump or his staff would read my blog, but surely they consult articles on the internet???  Today several media sources have reported on the story:
Radar Online
Drudge Report:
Maybe Donald Trump doesn’t have the common sense he thinks!!!
trump gif
It’s not surprising that Trump is singing the praises of the Secret Service.   CNBC reports that the price to taxpayers for the protection of Presidential candidates is running at an all time high.  The amount the United States allocates to protect its presidential candidates has climbed steeply this year, surpassing $200 million.  Candidates’ use of the taxpayer-funded Secret Service has come under question in recent days. Donald Trump left the campaign trail for the grand opening of a golf course that bears his name.  That means that we the United States taxpayers are paying to protect Trump, while on a trip for promote a person venture, overseas, when he holds no political office.


11 thoughts on “Trump Praises of the Secret Service the Same Day Scandal is Reported!

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  1. The Trump is such an honorable man I am sure that he has an instinct as to whom he can trust!…………………….Birds of a feather flock together!


      1. He is indeed. As of yet he has not displayed any leadership qualities necessary for a president needs to have.


  2. Malia, I’m glad News sources are picking this up but so far not a mention of Todd or prostitutes? One of the links above is showing a virus. On has your picture! Yea! But I’m seeing on drudge they are trying to accuse Hillary of something, instead of the “Rill dill” who we all know who that is!?!
    I don’t understand. Did you get the papers? Documents? B/c all these reports don’t mention the Queen grifter or Chaney or Shay.
    I’m happy its getting out but I want some people to be accountable especially after what has happened to Shay and others who try to Blow the whistle on the Palin family!
    Is this the beginning of the end? I’m seeing they are trying to take this in a different way than exposing Todd and his prostitution biz!


    1. Crystalwolflady
      The problem is that all the documents are redacted and the names….forthe most part are gone. Oneof the docs confirms that Chaney did have a history of using prostitutes, but that is all.


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