The Whole World is Watching the Corrupt Behavior of the Secret Service: National Press Picks Up Story of FOIA Documents!

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Finally, after four years of attempting to bring public recognition to the corrupt behavior of the Secret Service, there is a national news agency that has reported on the outrageous behavior.  The story quotes from specific documents produced as a result of the FOIA requests.  These were the documents produced only after the case was pending for a year, and after the entry of a Court Order.


If you are just joining the conversation, here are previous articles that refer to the documents produced.

  1. Part I:  Relevant Background
  2. Part II:  The Secret Service an Agency in Crisis: One Employee’s Account
  3. Part III:  Notice to the Congressional Oversight Committee
  4. Part IV:  Telling Lies is Part of the Culture of the Secret Service
  5. Part V: The Deception of David Chaney and the Secret Service
  6. Part VI:  Critical Documents Still Missing in the FOIA Suit
  7. Part VII:  Two Pages that Highlight the Culture of Corruption
  8. Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part VIII David Chaney Admits History With Prostitutes!!!
  9. Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal:  Part IX:  The Secretsof the Secret Service Remain a Secret

10.  Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal:  Part X: Redacted Documents Might Be the Key!

11.  Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part XI:  Tax Dollars Spent on Prostitutes, Alcohol, and Repair of Vehicles Damaged in DUI’s 

secret service badge

It is ironic that it is Radar Online that picked up the story, and it was Radar Online that recently reported:

  1.  Bristol Palin’s marriage.
  2. Track’s need for alcohol treatment.
  3. Track’s loss of custody.
  4. The Custody fight between Bristol and Levi.

55 thoughts on “The Whole World is Watching the Corrupt Behavior of the Secret Service: National Press Picks Up Story of FOIA Documents!

Add yours

    1. John,
      I too am confused. The reporter I dealt with represented he was with the Enquirer, but I am sure that’s where this information came from because these are the documents he was interested in. I don’t know the relationship of Radar Online and National Enquirer.???????????


      1. Malia, Radar Online is the NE! And today Roger Ailes resigned so that means the press blackout is prob OVAH! Great Job Malia! Shay! So proud of y’all!
        Get ready for prime time!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. CrystalwolfLady,
        I hope all the press picks this up. This is not a made up story, and it will take little effort to confirm it.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. You’ve done all the work Malia, it a “snap” for them to verify! I do see that Ailes resigning will open up the press. I’ve heard from many that he is the source of the “news blackout” around palin. WooHoo maybe she can stick her finger in this dyke before it breaks loose? Somehow I doubt it! Let it blow! Sky high #PalinScandal!
        Great Job Malia & Shay and all the bloggers who kept it up and didn’t stop!


  1. Todd Palin pretty much disappeared from the face of the earth when you started reporting on this. The guilt is so thick a saw couldn’t cut through it. But you and I both know they won’t do shit to this shitty family and their shitty ilk. And their Abstinent Tramp Brystol. Except for the precious little boys. Not their fault their parents grandparents are drug users alcoholics wife beaters pimps pyromaniacs bullies abstinent whores–only with guys they don’t like to screw. Coke on a drum sarah is the lowest form of sheer stupidity and life and motherhood.


  2. 1. It would have been decent of them to give credit where it is due.

    2. Now we need the NYT and some British newspapers to pick it up.

    3. GREAT JOB , MALIA!!!!!

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  3. This is great Malia. Radar online is part of the National Enquirer network. In fact National Enquirer owns almost all the gossip magazines The Daily Star is in their network. Roger Ailes just a few years ago had a lot of say so in what was published. Since they didn’t provide a link to Shailey Tripp’s book maybe you could do that. It is great the truth is out. It is also a testament to all the work you’ve done. Now I hope there is justice for Shailey Tripp too.

    Liked by 1 person

      Can’t wait to see all the palins do the perp walk in pink handcuffs! Including Brissie who set up Levi’s Mom when instead it was HER who got busted!(4 drugs)
      Karma time!!


  4. Malia

    We should all repect secrets. When Todd says Hide the napalm and black market body parts we all do as sed. When Sarah needs a transfusion or a happy pills we just keep quite about it. Its secrete.

    I would never break their trust for anything unless someone had some cash or geritol pills. Actually a can of catfood would probably work. The more I think about it what do you want to know.

    Holy shit the clown in the mirror is yelling at me again. I gotta get out of here. Oh and good job sticking to this whole fiasco.


    1. painchipeater,
      We just cover our mirrors with our underwear when the holes get too big and we’d normally throw them away. However my husband and I try to re-cycle, so this is a good usefor them when they are too holy to wear.


  5. Congrats Malia! You have really given credibility to Shailey Tripp, yourself, and blogger Jesse Gryphen. This story is finally out in the public eye because of all your hard work. I can only hope it gains traction and justice is served. I can hear those cans being thrown against the fridge in 3…2…1
    I hope Shailey’s book sells and your blog and books get the attention they deserve.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Malia –

    I may have missed this – but did you send your info to Radar OnLine and The Enquirer? When it comes to dealing with the people who should have helped you with this – sometimes it takes info getting to the national media to make a difference.
    In any event – as always – you have done a fantastic job.


    1. Pat,
      I was dealing with someone from National Enquirer, but I’m sure he did this because this is the information i have him.


  7. Good grief!! I just read some of the comments on Radar. Blame Obama, blame Obama, blame Obama. These people cannot even handle info fed to them like pablum. Thank heavens for people such as Malia who do actual research and then back up their statements. Wish the simpletons would take time to read with an open mind.I wish to heck Keith, Rachelle or Lawrence would take time to get involved with this.


  8. Malia, how did you not see your story in the DAILY MAIL yesterday, as well? They give you and your blog full credit right in the beginning. And they really enlarged your profile photo to run on the side of the expose.


    1. VT,
      I am just one person and don’t have a staff of people working for me, so I have only so many hours in a day. Thank you for your help!


  9. good job, malia!

    it’s a real shame they embedded all of the “crap” sensationalism links which have nothing to do with your research into the report.


  10. Oh WELL DONE Malia! WELL DONE!!!
    This has GOT to feel good, this vindication. You were one of the firsts to cover this story way back when, and you stuck with it, thru thick/thin, all the $ and time you spent on this story……This is maybe the start of some justice for Ms. Shailey Tripp. She deserves so much better than she got. I hope she and her kids are safe. That woman has been put through hell by the palins.
    I think you’re Great! YOU gave this story the legs it needed to ‘walk’. Now let’s make it run!


  11. Congrats, Malia. The comments over there are frustrating, however. They are all claiming this is “Obama’s fault” and that Trump will “clean house”. I’m sure all of the SS issues go back before Obama’s time, but maybe if you can highlight a few of those that took place in R-lead presidential times that would help put that issue to rest? Don’t know how far back your materials go, but maybe something about corruption during W’s term?


    1. yellowgirlnc,
      I will work on that very topic! Mark Sullivan, the director who lied to Congress, worked in the culture of corruption for decades. He didn’t learn to lie and coerce people in the last few years.


    2. yellowgirlnc, the corruption at USSS actually started no later than 1994 during Clinton’s first term. Criminal enterprise Beckett Brown International (BBI) was hatched and launched in 1994 inside the U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division by Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski before he retired from USSS. BBI ran all security for Clinton’s second inaugural not done by Secret Service. A Beckett Brown International successor company, Global Security Services, did security for Obama in his primary campaign before the Secret Service picked it up. We have tons of evidence to prove all of this…


      1. John, now it is time to walk the talk. Send the proof to the tabloids that are publishing Malia’s work.


      2. I’ve not only been sending the evidence to the media for years, but have gone all the way to the Supreme Court against crooked Baltimore law firm Semmes, Bowen & Semmes. Semmes has orchestrated a ginormous cover-up of what the late John Wilke of the Wall Street Journal told us was the biggest corporate espionage scandal in American history. Check out Christian Stork’s “Baltimore Lawyer Threw Own Client’s Case To Protect Bank-Robbing Banker From Scrutiny” a/k/a “The Price of Shining Light on the Dark World of Corporate Espionage.” You can also google ‘Beckett Brown International’ and/or go to to see more. So far, this mess has cost me $3,000,000 plus over 50,000 hours of uncompensated time…


      3. John,
        I am so sorry! I know how difficult it is to bring light to government corruption! What a sad state of affairs we have in this country!


    1. Howlermonkey,
      Thanks for the link! The more media that picks up the story the better my chance of recovering my attorney fees.


  12. These publications are making money from your hard work. A request for them to compensate you for the attorney’s fees would be appropriate.


  13. I have observed the United States Secret Service engage in large-scale fraud, waste and abuse through exaggerating or fabricating threats to their Protectees in order to justify inflated numbers of personnel on advance teams and on protective details.

    It is time to use the FOIA request to look at all of the USSS documents of so-called “threats” to their Protectees…I’m sure my own files would be very interesting!




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