Sarah, Barracuda, Joins the Feeding Frenzy on Ted Cruz

The mistake you might make is trying to make sense out of Sarah Palin’s opinion of  Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Remember when she said that “family should be off limits.”  Yet she has uses her children every time she can.

sarah trig 9


Remember when she praised the Flavor of the Week, while getting his name wrong, because he was not part of the political calss?


Palin liked Cruz before he became part of the permanent political class.  Palin campaigned for him to help him become part of the permanent political class.  Before Cruz’s election to the Senate, Palin praised Cruz for being a leading voice for “common sense conservatives.”  She explained then that:  “Ted Cruz represents the positive change that we need.”

Yet Trump  says he has the “common sense“to know how to lead without reading.

Sarah Palin used her short-lived channel to praise Cruz during an interview of him.


Palin also sung praise for Cruz because he was “spanking” the media.


palin cruz at rally

However Trump has never shared Palin’s admiration for Cruz.  Trump and Cruz have a long history of disliking each other.  Cruz called Trump a pathological liar.



Trump called Cruz as the single biggest liar!


Cruz say Trump is a “sniveling coward.”


Trump attacked Cruz on public television.

Trump threatened to spill the beans on Heidi Cruz.

Cruz criticized Trump for having NY Values.

Thus, it should be no surprise that Cruz refused to endorse Trump.  Ted explained that he was not in habit of endorsing people who attack my family. Because Palin has been so quick to criticize anyone she perceived as attacking family members, it seems logical that she might limit her support for Trump after he attacked the family of a candidate Palin had previously endorsed.

Cruz explained:“I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” Cruz said at a morning meeting where he faced sharp questions from the Texas delegation in Cleveland.



Sarah, barracuda, has not only turned on Cruz, but posted this video making sure that everyone watches Cruz getting booed at the convention too far away from Alaska for Palin to attend.


Sarah, barracuda, has earned her nickname once again.

baracuda eating fish

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