E-Mail From Sarah Palin to Donald Trump: Only You Can Prevent Fires

Sarah Palin didn’t really send this e-mail.  I can only speculate about what an e-mail might look like when Sarah finds out she isn’t even slotted to appear at the Republican Convention.


palin snarl


To: The Donald

From:  The Quitter

Subject:  Only You Can Prevent Fires

Do you know who I am?  Do you want me to reload?  Do you want to land in my crosshairs?

palin crosshairs

How could you think of not inviting me to appear at the Convention?!

Do you know how many cases of arson have remained unsolved in Alaska?

An overnight fire at Gov. Sarah Palin's church, Wasilla Assembly of God, caused an estimated $1 million in damage, and investigators say it could be the work of an arsonist, Saturday, December 13, 2008. (Stephen Nowers/Anchorage Daily News/MCT)

dar miller

dairy fire

You have several planes.

trump plane one

Do you know what happens to planes if they get water in their tanks?

curtis menard

I was one of the first people to endorse you, even though it made me look foolish to have previously campaigned for Ted Cruz.

palin cruz at rally palin cruz hug

When I spoke about you, I didn’t say anything that anyone understood.

I’m not as eloquent as you at saying nothing, but I’m pretty good.


We have so much in common.

  1.  We have both been unfaithful to our spouses.

palin brad hanson natl enquirer

2.  You have a private plane.  I’v ridden on one.

trump plane four small jet

3.  We both pretend to love guns.

4.  Neither of us goes to church.

5.  We are both racists.

6.  We both are motivated by money and publicity.

7.  We both have attracted attention because of our hair.

trump funny hair two  palin wig 6

8.  We both have great tans!

palin tan hand

MUST BYLINE: EROTEME.CO.UK Donald Trump admires pictures of himself from fans as he arrives at the Good Morning America studios NON-EXCLUSIVE November 15, 2011 Job: 111115P3 New York, New York EROTEME.CO.UK 44 207 431 1598
9.  We both have Black friends.

trump tyson


glen rice and palin

10.  We both love beauty pageants.

trump beauty one


palin beauty contest

11.  You rape women,and I tried to make sure rapists in Alaska didn’t get caught.

12.  Your wife is gorgeous.

melanis trump naked

So am I.

palin fat two

13. We both like pizza.


14.  You live in New York.  I have been there.

palin pink shirt new york

15.  You’ve met Todd.  I’m married to him.

trump todd

16.  We both claim to have 5 kids.

palin pregnant

17.  I have a dog.

trig standing on dog

You are one.

trump dog one

18.  We both have done irreversible damage to the Republican Party.

trump kills gop

19.  We have both screwed people out of their money.

trump bankruptcy

palin money mouth

20.  We have both been television personalities.

sarah palin's alaska  trump apprentice

21.  We have both written books.

going rogue  trump art deal

22.  We both wear underwear.I have somebody else wash mine.  You don’t wash yours.

palin panties  trump jock strap

23.  We have both been made to look foolish by Stephen Colbert.

Remember his epic take down of Paul Revere’s ride.

Then he embarrassed you about  the Trump vs. Trump debate.

24.  Hillary has attacked us both.

25.  I’m a quitter. You might quit.

26.  You have eight grandchildren, all conceived after marriage.  I have at least three, one on the way, and none were conceived after marriage.

27.   You believe in a woman’s right to choice, even if it’s a partial birth abortion.

I  believe a woman shouldn’t have a choice, even in cases of rape and incest.


There are two big differences between us.  I am Undefeated.  You might be defeated if you don’t pick me as your running mate.

palin undefeated

I don’t think a woman should be punished if she has an abortion.


You do.

18 thoughts on “E-Mail From Sarah Palin to Donald Trump: Only You Can Prevent Fires

Add yours

  1. This has to make the day for those who get to read this starkly real hilarity!
    Just another very top notch in your wonderful lipstick case, ….. and another can at the fridge in Alaska.

    Sarah is not having a very good day. Can’t wait to hear her take on the Repubs convention.
    “I am sure you will have something erudite to say, won’t you dear Sarah?
    Go look up erudite. You have until Monday.”


  2. Ummmm, part of #17 is debatable: Jill Haddasah, the Miracle Therapy Dog for Trig, has been missing for a while now. Crickets from the Plain camp on the donated therapy dog’s whereabouts.


  3. Malia – This is great! I love your blog. You have made me laugh more times than I can count. I needed that laughter today while I waited in the doctor’s office – thank you! I posted a similar comment on IM but my belief is Sarah may have been invited to the convention, but Trump wouldn’t pay her and her purse holder’s airfare, hotel, transportation, and security so she declined. Either that or 1) Sarah drew the short straw and was crossed off the list or 2) Sarah is afraid to leave Alaska after her BLM rant on Facebook. Most likely, Trump’s advisors, er, children told him not to invite her! Must be a relief for the convention attendees as they won’t have to listen to the Wasilla loon this year!


    1. Sharon,
      Maybe she heard there was going to be a national media source that was going to publicize the documents from the secret Service and she is still trying to figure out how to respond when asked about this!


  4. Sarah only has 2 dependent kids. 4/5 kids have zero problems and 1 never had issues before receiving media attention he hates.


    1. Klipstarz,
      I’m sorry, but all of her children have a problem! Their biggest problem in life is who they have for a mother and father. Instead of being patents who love and protect their children, they use and abuse their kids.


    2. All of her kids are losers. Bristol had yet another court hearing this week and Track is in jail. Don’t you dare blame the media for the fact that he beats women. He’s had a reputation as a thug since high school, you delusional freak. He doesn’t even get mentioned in the press until he’s done something illegal.


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