Whew! Bristol Must Be Relieved that the Creeps are Gone!!!

 It was less than a month ago that Bristol expressed concern about “creeps” targeting her children.  She illustrated her concern by posting a blurry image of Sailor and cutting off Tripp’s face.
bristol blurrysailor
I know that I was totally confused about what Sailor and Tripp looked like.
Now,less than a month later, Bristol has posted a new picture of Sailor on Instagram.
bristol sailor gun
 Bristol didn’t blur the child’s face, or the image of the gatling gun.  Thank heavens the creeps are gone, and that Bristol is more concerned about teaching her toddler how to shoot a gun than to walk.


7 thoughts on “Whew! Bristol Must Be Relieved that the Creeps are Gone!!!

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  1. There is more to it than the eye sees. Todd threw two coke bottles at me. When they hit my head and broke I made the bottoms of the bottles into glasses. I can see as clear as a moonless night in the fog.

    The original pictures show much more. The one one the lake photoshopped Todd helping an old lady out with her purse. He kept it for safe keeping while he played fetch with a frisbee into the water. She was a good swimmer but her walker slowed he down.

    I am not sure where the old lady went but Todd was very concerned. He speed dialed his life insurance agent and he came right over. Todd kept mumbling something about “no body no booty”

    Some nice guys in a boat came over and started dredging for something. He told me never go swimming with out a leash.

    The gun picture with sailor was also photoshopped. The original picture had a jack o latern staring down at Dakota nestled on a pile of twigs. When I put my coke bottle glasses on I noticed is was Sarah standing nude. She was snorting a little Russian chernoble powder earlier, so that may be why her eyes were glowing.

    That’s all I have to say. I almost forgot we are working on trump shirts with Sarah buzzed and trump normal “orange is the new black” trump palin 2016.


    1. Painchipeater,
      When the shirts are ready, I’d like to order one!

      Condolences on seeing Sarah in the nude.

      If you happen to see Todd, please let us know if Shailey’s description is accurate.


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