Trump to Announce VP by Friday

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Trump has announced he’ll choose his running mate by Friday.  Normally such an announcement is made at the GOP convention.  Some speculate that Trump decided to announce his pick early in hopes that more people would come to the convention to see the Vice President nominee, since they won’t come to see Trump.

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9 thoughts on “Trump to Announce VP by Friday

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  1. I’m not sure the logic holds that Republicans will be any more interested in his VP pick than in Trump. If anything, his VP becomes a curiosity best viewed in a zoo — through bars, an oddity as to who is narcissistic enough and so in need of a brand boost that he/she would associate with that creep.


    1. BW,
      You know it will be someone of no political stature, as anyone in that position now wouldn’t jeopardize their position.


  2. You’re suggesting more people won’t come to the convention or, for that matter, tune in since the surprise of veep will have been deflated? Brilliant move on Trump’s part. Will he have to pay folks to show up in the crowd? Won’t rule that out, either …


    1. Jnana,
      With Trump I wouldn’t rule anything out! He may hire Beyonce and/or Drake to perform just to get people to showup!


  3. You Donald! Most of us left town when we found out who would be driving the clown car. So for all you armed, crazed supporters of whatever cause,

    Lock and load
    Shoot away
    You can’t hit me
    I’m in LA


    1. Jason,
      She asked me to keep it our secret! She said that if she got indicted, then I could run for President! I used to think that I could never do as good a job as other politicians, but now I think I’d do better. Just telling the truth would be such a great first step!


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