Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part XI: Tax Dollars Spent on Prostitutes, Alcohol, and Repair of Vehicles Damaged in DUIs

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The following is  a list of posts that provide the background on the documents produced as a result of a FOIA lawsuit pending in Federal Court in Dallas.

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david chaney and palin

david chaney and prostitute

In September of 2015 an OIG report was identified that revealed the use of taxpayer money for gambling and “adult entertainment”.  In that report published in May of 2015, and internal audit revealed that American taxpayers had paid for almost a million dollars in gambling expenses of the Dod, and almost $100,000 spent on “adult entertainment.”  Thus it should come as no surprise that the documents produced in my FOIA suit reveal that taxpayer dollars have been spent on alcohol, prostitutes, and repair of government vehicles damaged as a result of agents driving while intoxicated.

Here are the specifics from the documents produced:


Auto Repairs:

000588-Memo of A.T. Smith  Oct. 2, 2012 “Investigative Support Division statistics reveal that employees of the SS operating official vehicles have been involved in 466 motor vehicle accidents over the last 12 months.  A concerning 113 of these accidents involved an official vehicle striking the rear of another vehicle.  Statistics show that the cause of such accidents can be attributed to inattention or distraction of the driver.

It seems likely that many of these examples of driver “distraction” could be attributed to alcohol intoxication of the Secret Service Agents.  The documents produced are replete with examples of DUI charges filed against agents.  For example:


__________ drove his personally owned vehicle while drunk in the middle of the day, into the Verizon Center.  CS was unaware of any disciplinary action.


Alcohol-It appears from hundreds of documents that charges for alcohol consumed from minibars in hotel rooms, and at restaurants is regularly charged to the government by Secret Service.  Additionally, it appears that not only is the charge for alcohol routinely charged by Secret Service to the government, but the amount of alcohol consumed is excessive.  Here are just a few examples:

000027 – “He estimated that he consumed 10-12 beers and one Mojito during the afternoon and evening of April 11, 2012.”

000033 – “He stated that he consumed 9-13 alcoholic drinks during  the evening.”

000037 – “He stated that he consumed approximately nine alcoholic drinks during the afternoon and evening of April 11, 2012.”

000040 – “He consumed 8-10 alcoholic drinks during the evening.”

prostitutes by car

Prostitution:  In Cartagena, the price of sex included various charges.  It seems that the prostitution business, legal in Cartagena, includes direct payment to the prostitutes, payment to the clubs where the prostitutes are available, and “overnight” charges paid to hotels where the prostitutes spend the night.  While it may be difficult to separate the charges assessed for the prostitutes at clubs where alcohol and food may be consumed, the one clear charge for prostitution, paid for by your tax dollars would be the “overnight” charges assessed by the hotels.  From the documents produced, it appears some agents paid the overnight fees with cash or credit cards.  Because personal credit card charges have not been produced it is unclear if the agents were using their government-issued credit cards for these charges.  What is CLEAR is that some of the agents charged the “overnight” hotel charge for their prostitutes to their rooms.  It is also undisputed that the hotel bill in Cartagena was paid directly by the government.  What is even more unforgivable is the  fact that agents were using prostitutes in advance of the President’s arrival, and they were brought home before the President arrived, because the Secret Service knew of the inappropriate contact of agents with Female Foreign Nationals.  Because the hotel bills would have been submitted AFTER the stay, the Secret Service had already been alerted to the inappropriate conduct of the agents, and should have given the hotel bills additional scrutiny.  Instead it appears that the “overnight fee” assessed by the hotel for prostitutes to stay with agents overnight was paid with our tax dollars.

Here are just a few documents that verify this conclusion:

000021 …Upon arrival at the hotel his guest signed in at the front desk and he charged the occupancy fee to his hotel bill.  They went to the room, had a drink from the mini bar and engaged in ________.

000036  At approximately 1 a.m. he,___ and the three women they met left the club and returned to the Caribe hotel. He signed the woman he met in at the front desk and charged the 50,000 peso guest fee to his hotel bill.

000046 the Hilton Hotel has a policy to register temporary female guests of customers staying in thehotel.  A fee must be paid by the customer, and the guest must be present a national identification card.  The hotel staff ensures that the guest is over 18 years of age before granting them entry.

000047 hotel policy states overnight guest must pay a 70,000 peso fee.

000758—hotel charged over-night fee to his bill

000818—charges on hotel bill paid by government 95,000 pesos for prostitutes

000821-I have inspectors charge to hotel for prostitute of 95,000

000853-hotel charged fee of 50,000 pesos which I charged to my room

000944—70,000 charged for extra female guest in the  room.

No wonder our taxes are so high in America when we have to pay for alcohol, repair to vehicles damaged when agents are intoxicated, and for expensive prostitutes.  Perhaps we should be demanding a volume discount?!


15 thoughts on “Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part XI: Tax Dollars Spent on Prostitutes, Alcohol, and Repair of Vehicles Damaged in DUIs

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    1. biglakebasturd,
      We just think this never happens! They must have gotten the idea for Ricky Bobby in Taledega Nights driving blindfolded from somewhere…???


  1. with this much porking going on, one wonders why joni ernst is mia? as the newly elected senator who ran claiming she knew how to cut out pork, maybe she could look into cutting out porking as well.


  2. You nailed this! Hopefully the MSM will pick it up. This should be front page news. It also adds to Shailey Tripp’s credibility.


  3. Malia I hope this gets the full attention it deserves. Your efforts are paying off. I hope this will help Shailey Tripp too. It would be nice to see vindication and help for her.


  4. Let’s all hope this goes national. You have done a great job. Will this in anyway also help Shailey Tripp? I don’t want to take away from your hard work, your endurance through all of this, but I really believe she deserves some kind of acknowledgement too.


    1. Diane,
      I can’t say for sure, but the writer of the article didn’t know about Shailey’s book, and I THINK he’s going to refer to it,so I hope that will generate some sales for her.


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