Sarah Palin is a Wretched, Depraved, Monster!

For the last 6 years I have covered Sarah Palin.  I have written about her stupidity and her vulgar comments.  I have covered her violations of the law.  I have written about the hypocrisy of her attitudes about abstinence, while her children spawned at least four babies out of wedlock.  I have covered the Palin family brawl, and Track’s domestic violence.  Who could forget her love of guns and constant promotion of the Phrase: “Don’t Retreat, Reload”.  I have covered her response to the shooting of Gabby Giffords and the Sandy Lake shooting.  However nothing Palin has done in the past compares to the offensiveness of her new Facebook post claiming that BlackLivesMatter‬ is a Farce.

It was NOT Black Lives Matter that killed Dallas Police Officers.  It was a lone gunman with an assault weapon.

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown said Johnson told negotiators before he was killed that he was acting alone and was unaffiliated with any group.  Moreover   is a group that advocates dignity, justice and freedom. Not murder.

The shooter was a member of the military.  We don’t say that the military is a Farce.  Nobody has suggested that the military advocates the senseless killing of police officers. A disproportionate number of African Americans serve in the military (17.8%).  Blacks represent 13.2% of the people in America.  How often have we heard Sarah Palin say “thank a vet”.

palin cruz at rally

The shooter in Dallas, Micah Xavier Johnson, was sent home by the Army after being accused of sexual harassment by a female soldier.   The Army discharged  him other than honorably, due to the incident.  The victim indicated Johnson needed mental help.  She sought a  protective order to keep him away from her and her family.

People line up to hug police officers in Dallas

  The shooting of police officers in Dallas is a tragedy for Dallas, and the country.  It is tragic that Blacks feel a need to protest because police officers from around the country have been caught executing unarmed black men who posed no threat to the officers.  Here are just a few videos that have been posted on You Tube.  Remember these were the incidents that we caught on video.  There are probably hundreds of incidents that were not recorded, but resulted in brutality or death.


The Dallas Police Chief describes the tragedy for Dallas, Police, the Black Community, and America.


For Sarah Palin to minimize this tragedy is unforgivable!  Both police and Blacks feel unsafe.  America is in crisis.  Police Officers are fearful that they will be killed for the inexcusable conduct of other police.  Blacks are fearful that they will be killed because of the pigment of their skin.  Simply the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is an indication of the problem.  To suggest that the problem is a “farce” puts Sarah Palin into the category of a White Supremacist.

kkkcross burning

Because she has such a following, her hateful comments exacerbate the pain the country is experiencing.  From this point forward, I encourage everyone reading, to refuse to watch any television show Sarah Palin may appear on.  Refuse to associate with any political party who gives her a microphone.  Any publisher who published one of her books should never be supported with your dollars.  Sarah Palin deserves to be marooned on a deserted island, surrounded by sharks,  where she is unable to speak to another human being, ever again.

desertedisland sharks





24 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is a Wretched, Depraved, Monster!

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  1. Sara Palin is symptomatic of a very troubling time. She reminds me of a clown who even if she doesn’t mean to, represents the worst in all of us, Her words and actions show just how low many of us can go. Thank God for those who maintain a higher standard.


      1. The problem is that the media GIVES her attention. This is quite beyond her control, the way that a dog has no control which shows its owner chooses to enter the dog into. Sarah Palin is protected, she is an asset to handlers who are far more sophisticated and intelligent than she is. They profit from the controversy and the hate she stirs up. Wars, at any level domestic or foreign, can be very profitable business. Palin and her stupid fans are expendable fodder, who can be used and discarded for the fabulous benefit and profit of a few. That is why she protected. And her protection goes deep: it is NOT a partisan thing. It is pervasive. She is protected from all sides. If anything, she is currently more welcome on media such as NBC, CNN, and TMZ than on Fox “‘news'”. Outlets such as TMZ do NOT give her unflattering treatment as some purport. On the contrary, they coverup her serious crimes while exposing her innocuous gaffes, pretending to be unfavorable toward her when actually they do a superb job of protecting her while deflecting the public’s attention away from her most hateful and culpable atrocities.


  2. That creature needs to shut her racist mouth for good! We are fortunate to have Mayor Mike Rawlins and Chief David Brown here, who have comported themselves with dignity and honor. Shame on the likes of Palin, who seeks to cause a racial divide in our country. Here is a link to an article on David Brown, who has suffered personal tragedies and been on both sides of these sad situations.


  3. “Hyphenating. . .unfathomably. . .perpetrate. . .malleable. . .provacateurism. . .untoward. . .exponentially. . . .” Them’s sum purty high-falooting’ wurds, expecially comin’ from Sarah. I’da thunk she done gone all eelitist on us, exceptin’ fur “thugs” makin’ mah ears perk up. Palin fur Veep!


    1. No, you are the “ugly” one here, Doc Comstock, or the troll with many names or whoever you are! Wretched and depraved are big words for someone who doesn’t know the definition of “slander”. If you don’t like this blog, go somewhere else! Sorry, Malia, I just had to say something!


  4. Malia – You did a superb job on this post, Malia. There are no words to describe Sarah’s recent Facebook rant. I was appalled when I read it. Just wish the media would call her out for it, but as usual she gets a pass.


  5. A leader unites; $arah thrives on dissension, and the more the better. I was mortified when I read that post, but consider the source. Would we expect anything else? My loathing of that woman knows no bounds.


    1. CIP,
      She could have said so many other things…My heart goes out to the military family of the shooter who obviously suffered from PTSD,…my heart goes out to the families of the fallen officers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom,…etc., etc. but to attack Black Lives Matter, when it was some of the demonstrators who were injured was breathtakingly ignorant.


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