Officers Down in Dallas! Trump and Palin Oppose Gun Free Zones

For over 30 years Dallas has been my home.  For 12 years I worked in Downtown Dallas.  For 15 years I lived within three miles of downtown.  For 8 years I drove my children to school and home every day, passing through the streets of Dallas.  Today I awoke to the stories of the 5 officers killed, 7 shot, and 2 civilians who were shot yesterday during a protest of violence against Blacks in America.  As I sought information on the shootings, the first video I saw brought tears to my eyes.   The sound of an assault weapon was unmistakable.
If I could walk without assistance, I would have joined the protesters in downtown to express my outrage about the violence against Blacks in America.  Thus I could have been one of the injured.  The truth is that every American was injured by this senseless violence.  It is an assault on the American way of life for people to be so desperate for justice that they kill the very officers who dedicate their lives to bringing order to our city.  Obviously the officers shot and killed were not the ones who have killed unarmed men.  Obviously these officers might have been married to a Black spouse.  Their best friends may be Black.  They may have volunteered to work the protest as they felt aligned with the protesters.
The tragedy is that these shooters felt there was no other way they could get justice for the disparate treatment of Blacks than to strike out against police generally.  The sad reality is that even if race issues disappeared tomorrow, there would be other people who feel a need to strike out, using violence.  The shooters at the Sandy Hook elementary school,  the theater in Colorado, and the club in Orlando were not protesting race issues.  The commonality among these shooters is the ease with which they could obtain assault weapons.  Even the Boston bombers didn’t kill 5  people!  Yet the use of an assault weapon is a guarantee to kill many people very quickly.

Sixty seven percent of Americans support stricter gun control.  A strong majority of Americans, including gun owners, consistently support laws prohibiting assault weapons.  For example, a poll conducted in December 2012 found that 62% of Americans favored banning military-style assault weapons.  In another survey, 67% of Field & Stream readers polled did not consider assault weapons to be legitimate sporting guns. A review of mass shootings between January 2009 and January 2013 by Mayors Against Illegal Guns found thatincidents where assault weapons or large capacity ammunition magazines were used resulted in 135% more people shot and 57% more killed, compared to other mass shootings.


A study analyzing FBI data shows that 20% of the law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty from 1998 to 2001 were killed with assault weapons.6 Anecdotal evidence from law enforcement leaders suggests that military-style assault weapons are increasingly being used against law enforcement by drug dealers and gang members.7  In response, law enforcement agencies are upgrading their arsenals to include more assault weapons.8  A 2007 report by the International Association of Chiefs of Police recommended that Congress enact an effective ban on military-style assault weapons in order to curb the ability of criminals to “outgun” law enforcement officers.9


The Lapsed Federal Assault Weapons Ban:  In 1994, Congress adopted the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which made it “unlawful for a person to manufacture, transfer, or possess” a semiautomatic assault weapon.13  The law was adopted with a sunset clause, however, and expired in 2004, despite overwhelming public support for its renewal.  Thus, semi-automatic, military style weapons that were formerly banned under the federal law are now legal unless banned by state or local law.

Despite its limited duration, studies show that the federal assault weapon ban resulted in a marked decrease in the use of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines in crime.  One study found that in several major cities, the share of recovered crime guns that were assault weapons declined by at least 32% after the federal ban was adopted.16  Another study found that the expiration of the federal assault weapon ban likely contributed to increased drug-trafficking related violence in Mexico, which often involves semi-automatic assault rifles sold in the U.S, as noted above. The authors of that study found that after the federal ban expired, there was a 40% increase in homicide rates in areas in Mexico along the Texas, New Mexico and Arizona borders compared to areas along the California border.17 California bans assault weapons under state law while the other border states do not.

The Federal Assault ban is proof that banning assault weapons is constitutional.  The second amendment does not give citizens the right to arm themselves with tanks, grenades, bazookas, or missiles.  Sarah Palin is known for her promotion of guns, and advertises the slogan “don’t retreat, reload.”  Of course the shooters with assault weapons don’t need to re-load, as their guns already carry enough ammunition to eliminate multiple targets.

Our leaders must encourage peaceful demonstrations.  When people like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin advocate violence, they encourage and promote death and destruction.  The amazing thing is that they protect themselves, by restricting guns at events where they appear, but are outspoken proponents of rights of gun owners to carry guns in places where their personal safety is not at risk. When Trump appears at a rally guns are not permitted.  Even though Trump has said that if elected he would eliminate gun-free zones.  However his own properties are gun-free zones.  

Likewise, Palin doesn’t allow guns when she appears.  At the same time Palin says that “gun free zones” is “stupid on steroids.” 

In the year since the Sandy Hook killings, 12,042 people have died from gun violence.
The United States has more guns and gun deaths than any other developed country in the world. The U.S. has 88 guns per 100 people and 10 gun-related deaths per 100,000 people — more than any of the other 27 developed countries studied.

Enough of this craziness!  People like Palin and Trump promote the problem.  If they insist that their own rallies be “gun free zones” why don’t we insist that all public appearances be gun free zones? ng

13 thoughts on “Officers Down in Dallas! Trump and Palin Oppose Gun Free Zones

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  1. Based on photos I saw, there was at least one black cop in the line of fire too…not just possible spouses or friends affected.


  2. So $arah thinks gun zones are ‘stupid on steroids’, but no guns allowed in her events, including at a gun range! Will she be the first one to say the Dallas shooter was in the service so it’s all justified because PTSD? Her son saw no combat (that anyone can find record of) and yet he is justified in his anger/beating of his girlfriend because he has (according Sarah) PTSD.
    **I am not saying the shooter was justified at all, just pointing out the stupid of $arah**


  3. When a number of teaparty/rethug white men in congress are gunned down en masse, then and only then will more restrictive gun laws be put in place.

    OR, if we get out there and vote their stupid asses out of those cushy congressional seats, maybe then the legislative gridlock can be overcome. It’s in our hands – VOTE!


  4. We need some type of legislation to ban gun free zones for events with speakers against gun free zones. They need to walk the walk, the one the rest of us treads, among the weapon carriers.
    We need more reporters leaning on Trump and Palin for their gun free security zones.


  5. Malia – Check out Sarah’s Facebook. She spun the sniper shooting in Dallas like this:

    “Shame on our culture’s influencers who would stir contention and division that could lead to evil such as that in Dallas. Shame on politicians and pundits giving credence to thugs rioting against police officers and the rule of law in the name of “peaceful protests.” It is a farce. #BlackLivesMatter is a farce.”

    There you have it. Malia, straight from the Wasilla loon’s mouth who for 8 years has spouted hate at everyone, including the president of the United States. She is the one who should be ashamed. She is a disgrace to America.


      1. Her own son, who was raised by her, is one rage-synapse away from perpetrating the same act of violence.


      2. Jason,
        That’s a scary thought! If he does you know Palin will find a way to blame president Obama.


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