Sarah Palin, “Dumber than a Steamin’ Pile of Fresh Caribou Dookie!”

palin crazy glasses

Wonkette has outdone themselves!  Their raucous description of Sarah partaking of Boones’ Farm wine is funny,entertaining,and humorous.  Their reference to Palin being dumber than a steamin’ pile of caribou dookie was just one of many remarks that will bring a tear to your eye.

palin bachmann dumb and dumber

For anyone who didn’t realize that Boone’s Farm is a bottom shelf wine that doesn’t even have a cork, here is a picture.

boone farm wine

6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, “Dumber than a Steamin’ Pile of Fresh Caribou Dookie!”

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  1. WTF is Dakota yammering about????




  2. Malia I thought I would give you a few updates on the Palin family state of the union.

    This election is getting rough Trump makes me put an orange mop on my head and orange paint on my face and throws me into the crowd to see if its safe. He calls it terrorist chumming.

    I would also like to correct wonkette that Sarah does not drink boonsfarm. She often wears it a rouge to keep her youthful glow and to and to contain her body oder. She drinks American moonshine methed up with a little hot dogs and apple pie. You can see her patrism every time she sticks her finger down he throat.

    Things would be much different if that Roger ailes guy didn’t get a new set of glasses when he was working on sarahs last contract. I was at the meeting. Sarah forgot her belmonts and face plaster. She looked a little rough. She actually looked lake a porta poty with two dents in it that sat out in the sun for three days at an Iowa fair.

    She screeched like a squeaky door. She smelled like a zoo that went on strike for a month. Her hair could only be described as mold on a petre dish.

    When Roger put on his glasses and gas mask he ran out of the room. like an Olympic sprinter. Sarah was so mad she was acting like a cockroach sprayed with raid.

    We delicately put her strait jacket on and wisked her out to the cargo van. When she got home we turned the vcr on to watch her favorit movie to calm her down. When “Silence of the Lambs” was over she was passed out with a smile on her face like the Joker in bat man.

    Todd is working on a fresh batch of Frankenstien juice to get her through the next election.phase. With a new skin suit and if Trump gets cateracs in both eyes she has a great chance of being the VP.nomination.. If not we have a haz mat operation not seen since chernoble.

    So things are going well and that’s nice


  3. Donald Trump told Senator Jeff Flake that if he did not support Trump. he would lose the election in Arizona. Flake replied, ” I am not on the ballot this year, I have not finished my term yet”. Trump is too stupid to know who is up for re-election.


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