Trump and Palin Get to Decide Who is a Terrorist !?!

Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, Moammar Gadhafi, and Kim Jong-un are, or were, some of the very worst dictators of the very worst enemies of the United States.  Each has no respect for the principles upon which this country is founded.  The word “democracy”  is a foreign concept to them.  Each of these dictators has no respect for the U.S. Constitution or the rights afforded to the citizens of our country.  Until this election cycle, the only people in America who would publicly declare  their respect and admiration for any of them would be a terrorist. Donald Trump has praised each.  Here he is at the recent rally in North Carolina praising Saddam Hussein.

This was just the next logical step in his praise for dictators who take it upon themselves to identify who they think are a terrorist and what they feel would be an appropriate punishment for such an enemy of the state.  He has previously praised  Moammar Gadhafi, Vladimir Putin , and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.  The common thread of each comment of Trump is that each dictator was willing to torture or kill anyone who was perceived by the dictator as an enemy.  
Methods of torture used by Hussein’s regime included assault with brass knuckles and wooden bludgeons; electric shocks to the genitalia; scorched metal rods being forced into body orifices; the crushing of toes and removal of toenails; burning off limbs; lowering prisoners into vats of acid; poisoning with thallium; raping women in front of their family members; burning with cigarette butts; the crushing of bones; the amputation of ears, limbs, and tongues; and the gouging of eyes.  Kim Jong un has been documented to have made mothers drown their babies, amputated body parts,  or required people to eat stones.  All four dictators have murdered thousands of people.  
Even if a person considers these atrocious acts appropriate to deal with “terrorists,” the implicit message is that Donald Trump knows who a terrorist is.  Imagine how one particular American would feel  if Donald Trump was the sole arbiter of who was a terrorist.  Once HE decided that a person was a terrorist, Donald could order any type of torture of that individual he deemed appropriate.  That would make Trump a ruthless dictator, like the enemies of the United States.  It is clear from his position on banning immigration of people into the United States based on their religion that Trump has no understanding of the U.S. Constitution.  His attitude about torture of people he deems a “terrorist” illustrates the danger of Donald Trump.
trump gif
Sarah Palin is equally dangerous as she advocates torture for anyone she deems to be a terrorist.

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  1. This would be just sad if it wasn’t for so many people who think that these two have opinions worth taking notice of.


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