Sarah’s Heart Goes Out to Shailey Tripp and Malia Litman


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In a recent Facebook post Sarah Palin has championed the rights of the people who have been the victims of corruption.  Here are a few choice quotes:

“It’s a farce that “no one is above the law.”  I think she was referring to the “press release” issued by the Anchorage Police Department, at the request of her attorney, that misstated and misreported information in an attempt to vindicate Todd.

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” Unite behind those who have no part in the corrupt political machine.” She must be referring to me since I have never held elected office, and I have spent the last 6 years trying to expose the corruption associated with both Sarah Palin and the government.

Finally, Sarah thanks all Republicans who are voting for Hillary instead of the terrorist, Donald Trump:

“Message to all the “Republican” elites throwing in for Hillary, boasting they’ll stay home instead of vote because their particular weakened good ol’ boy is not the GOP nominee (the R.A.T.s suffering chappedass because their power and purse are threatened by the grassroots movement to destroy their failed politics-as-usual), Hillary thanks you. She knows she can’t win without you.

Sarah Palin

After years of waiting, it seems Sarah Palin has finally gained an appreciation for the truth, my efforts to reveal the corruption of the Secret Service and the APD, Shailey Tripp’s attempts to reveal the truth behind Todd Palin the Pimp!


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  1. I hope she knocks herself out trying to run a corruption campaign against the political machine. Any of ’em. All of ’em.

    ( Don’t sit down and shut up or sit in the truck with this one, Sarah! You’ve got up ’em so go get ’em. You are just the “man” for the job and are eminently qualified to sniff out injustice and corruption.
    Just because a bunch of people might know stuff, well, I am sure you can figure out how to eliminate them. Right?)

    Inquiring minds want to know. Did Sarah boff Ailes for her short lived spot on Fox?

    Just for the record, this is one of my favorite posts, Malia! It has been a long time coming……

    Neat part is that there is more. Much more.


      1. Khloekkk,
        I am not convinced that Trump will get the Republican nomination. I guess we shall see soon enough.


  2. Hi Malia! As always, I am in AWE of the incredible work you have put in with the FOIA documents. And *sigh* I am so sad that the corruption in the media is still in place. I have personally tweeted, twatted, squatted, etc. to everybody I know in the “mainstream” media to just, you know, cover for ONE MINUTE anything you are doing here? No luck.

    And off topic: Gryphen at Immoral Minority is finally coming out about the fact that he apparently really tried to help Levi with his horrible custody wars with Bristol, apparently emptying out his life savings????? to finance Levi’s court battles…just so that poor Levi could get decent joint custody of Tripp, which should have been awarded long ago…..and which is now still in jeopardy since Bristol might jump ship any minute and leave Alaska to go and live with her new husband Dakota in Kentucky, on a permanent or part- time basis. What a mess! And immense kudos to Gryphen for stepping in and trying to help.

    HOWEVER…..not to be a broken record, but my contacts “lost track” of the DWTS baby shortly after the poor little girl was born. SInce then, “MALOE” here and at Gryphen’s blog has talked about this little girl not ONLY being raised as “Tristan’ and shuttled between different caretakers (much like poor Trig) but she even showed how Bristol posted a “recently born” pic of “Sailor” at her Instagram account, which clearly shows Tripp looking at a curly haired infant, and MALOE said this was an old picture of Tristan, and the reason why this pic was posted was because Sailor had an unfortunate mouth sore that was making her LESS than “photogenic” during that key time frame when Bristol felt she needed to post lots of pics of her new baby girl. This photo is still in Bristol’s Instagram stream. You can see that Tripp, in profile, is MUCH MUCH younger than he is today. (Evidence that this girl child exists or existed at one point in Bristol’s household.)

    Gryphen WILL NOT answer questions or comments about the whereabouts of this poor lost child. Was she adopted out? Are the aunties looking after her? MALOE seemed to hint at this girl child kind of existed much of the time at the PAYLIN compound but sometimes was being moved off premises when her presence wasn’t “convenient.” This confirms other info I received over the years.

    I will say that my sources say that Gryphen can never fully deliver all the “dirt’ on the Paylins because he got compromised trying to help too many of the characters involved in the drama. And bless him for trying to help out so many innocents.

    I personally just weep and grieve for the never-acknowledged little girl, whom Bristol was pregnant with during her DWTS run. What has happened to her???? If Gryphen can’t respond to that, even though Levi was clearly the father, then I despair of the truth ever getting out about this poor little tot’s well-being.

    For the record, I never reached out to Gryphen during all my years of blogging about all things Paylin because various contacts warned me off of him. Also, since I trafficked in “gossip” and media innuendo, I didn’t want him to be exposed to potential lawsuits if he responded to me or confirmed my juicy gossip. I wanted to keep things on a Media Insider Gossip level, which, in retrospect, seems to be smart—–since truth tellers like Shailey (absolutely a truthful person and brave whistleblower) and others who have attempted to expose the Paylins usually get into some REALLY bad situations with stalkers, death threats, etc. I dealt with some of those but since I am more financially and socially stable nobody from the Paylin crowd was ever able to break through my protection. (Knock on wood. They are a criminal organization in league with many others; Dominionists and more; so someday, my luck might run out, you never know!)

    Anyway, much love and support to you, Malia!

    Jennifer Shepherd aka Media Insider


    1. Jennifer,
      /thank you for all the information! I don’t knowt he background or details about this little girl. Some good news! There may be some media attention to the FOIA suit and documents produced by the government. I’ll keep you posted,


    2. The issue with Gyphen is, he complicates things, he makes things far worse than they’d ever be. Levi’s never had a problem seeing Tripp since B returned from school. They’re followed the same schedule since then. That has been said over and over again. My issue with him is his hypocrisy. We all were happy that the Mercede problem was finally outed last year when she caused Levi so much bullshit. GRyphen cannot achknowledge he encouraged Sadie to lie for years because it would involve him retracting many things. He can’t acknowledge Levi’s wife finally saying Mercede victimized her own family and the Palins.

      I feel that since democrats ruined pretty much everything, starting with Rex, we all just need to forget we ever heard of any names from Wasilla. It was beyond sick when those of us at palin deceptions stalked innocent teens for no reason. We need to be happy both Levi and Bristol have put the past away and have no custody problems and haven’t for a long time. Sometimes I wish Rex/Tank would find their heart and give Levi back the contracted money they made off him. I know Levi’s never been poor and has more than I do, more than anyone here, but the way democrats turned him into a nasty jerk was disgusting. He and Bristol are good parents and Tripp has been happy every day for 7.5 years, which is remarkable considering how awful we are.


  3. Headline has it wrong. $P has no heart, unless you consider that blackened burnt smelling thing in her chest a heart.


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